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Differences between composite decks and wood decks (and how to choose)

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Deck is popular Addition that enables you To enjoy your outdoor space better, and to increase the value of your home. However, there are several factors to consider when choosing between composites, hardwoods, and even hybrids, such as cost, durability, and aesthetics.

Other types Of deck material

The two main types of deckboards you can buy are: compositeWhich cost Between $ 15 and $ 38 per square Foot, When woodWhich Average $ 10 to $ 25 per person square Foot.There is also Hybrid deck board It has both elements and is popular in Europe, Become more Available in the United States.S., In the same way.Among these Category, there iVarious material types that affect cost and application. Some things to consider when choosing the best Surface material Your deck has climate, durability, cost, and Whether you want to be able to draw it..

Here’s what you need to know About different types of decks to help you decipher labels and choose the one that suits your needs..

Composite deck

There are three types of composite plastic decks: PVC, polypropylene plastic, and polyethylene plastic. Prices for these three types range from about $ 2 per person. Linear foot (or board foot) and $ 5 per dollar Linear feet —It can be more or less expensive, It depends on the deck design.

The advantages of plastic composite decks are termite and rot protection, which are well tolerated and long lasting. Up to twice as long Wooden deck. dSome types of compound decks have the advantage of not being paintableIt can be slippery and needs to be textured around the pool and to prevent falling after rainfallAnd since sawdust is not biodegradable and remains in the soil for many years, all sawdust must be contained and disposed of.

Wood deck

There are pressure-treated varieties of wooden decks, each of which costs $ 15 to $ 38. Square feet; Sugi costs over $ 30 per person Square feet; When Many other types of hardwood..Some hardwoods can run between $ 2.60 and $ 5 per piece It’s linear feet, but keep in mind that not all deckboards are the same width. Therefore, the price per square foot can be higher than expected.Get prices per square foot for accurate price comparisons.

The advantage of wooden decks is that they are cheaper than composite decks and can be repainted and refinished many times, so they are aesthetically pleasing and priced.Also, if it is wet, it will not slip easily and you can easily get wet. Changed to slip-It is resistant. The disadvantage of wooden decks is that they can be termites and pests-Tolerance, no Wood is completely resistant to termites. Also, even in a climate where the temperature fluctuates greatly. Freezing can occur, and gaps in the finish can cause the wood deck to expand and crack, leaving it vulnerable to elements.

Composite vs. wood deck

For comparison, composite decks usually have a higher initial investment, but they last longer than most wooden decks, so in the long run Cheaper options.. It also has the benefit of increasing the resale value of your home if you plan to sell it.Wooden decks are cheap in advance, And more easily change. In addition to low material costs, wooden decks also have lower labor costs due to the extra work of capturing and disposing of sawdust from plastic deck boards.

Other factors that affect the cost of a new deck are shape and composition. For example, it is much cheaper to build a deck on a flat surface than on a slope. If you like the look of the wood, we recommend using sturdy hardwood.This is because some hardwoods such as iron wood It is virtually impermeable to termites and is resistant to scratches... These options tend to be the most expensive, but they tend to last the longest and require less maintenance.

It’s important to remember, as some compound decks are paintable and some are not. Some types of plastic decks fade in the sun, while others retain their color. Therefore, select a type that can be repainted or a type that fades.Tolerance is important in the full sun territory.

Differences between composite decks and wood decks (and how to choose)

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