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Difference between power outage and voltage drop

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Many people are starting air conditioners because of the nationwide surge in temperature and humidity. That’s perfectly understandable, but doing so can result in voltage drops. On the other hand, so far, strong summer storms have also become a staple of the season, with power outages occurring during hot and humid seasons.

Both power outages and voltage drops tend to occur more often It’s summer, so it’s a good idea to understand the difference between the two. Here’s what you need to know:

Difference between power outage and voltage drop

Both power outages and low voltage can result in no electricity, but there are some important differences to be aware of.:

Power outage

A power outage is the complete loss of electricity. Some last only a few minutes, while others take hours, or even days. Much of this depends on the cause of the power outage in the first place and how difficult it is to solve the problem.A few The common causes of power outages are::

  • Damaged transformers or wires (due to storms, windthrows, and / or accidents)
  • Increased power demand Push the grid beyond the limit
  • Lightning strikes on utility poles
  • Disturbance of underground transmission line
  • Ice accumulates on power lines

Voltage drop

Power outages are usually caused by situations that are beyond the control of the power company (such as bad weather or accidents). The voltage drop is intentional.. Voltage drops occur when electricity demand approaches capacity (for example, the entire city turns on AC on the same day), and to prevent the grid from overloading, utilities use electricity in specific areas. Limit.

Even if a house in an area is part of a voltage drop, there is still electricity. The voltage level is much lower than normal. So you can turn on the lamp, but it will be relatively dark.

“Rolling blackouts” and “rolling blackouts” Stop”

From time to time, utilities may deliberately choose to return to the state when they know the grid will be pushed to the limit. “Rolling blackouts”. These usually occur in multiple regions within a limited amount of time and are usually caused by last-minute announcements from utilities.

However, rolling blackouts “Planning Stop. ” They tend to be much more pre-scheduled for regular maintenance.

Difference between power outage and voltage drop

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