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Did Harry Styles Spit on Chris Pine? A Guide for Indifferent Adults to Child Culture

Image from article titled 'The Out-of-Touch Adults' Guide to Children's Culture: Did Harry Styles Really Spit on Chris Pine?

This week, some young people are learning there is no privacy at work.others I’m asking why you can’t make friends.But everyone is asking if Harry Styles spit at Chris Pine.

Did Harry Styles Really Spit on Chris Pine?

Ten– Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles and Chris Pine’s second clip was a blast sky of pop culture this week.it claims Watch Styles spit on Chris Pine as he takes his seat at the Venice Film Festival screening of Wilde’s film don’t worry darlingIf I hadn’t landed in the middle like a hooked loogie, I might not have noticed in the moment. behind the scenes drama about bad reputation moviebut now have Millions of people have watched the footage and asked, “Did he spit or didn’t he spit?”

Let’s see:

Video of the Day: Harry Styles Spitting on Chris Pine?

now please take your timeYou can’t see the saliva, but when Stiles bends over towards Pine, Pine definitely reacts abruptly Something With the expression “I can’t believe that man spat on me!”

I won’t buy it. Play the video 300 times, Out of context, I’m sure there was no nausea. Here are my thoughts: 1) No other evidence of bad blood between Pine and Stiles. 2) Other footage It shows the pair seemingly chatting amicably shortly after the supposed spit attack. 3) Who spit in someone’s mouth wrap?

Another theory seems more likely to be true to me: At the exact moment Styles’ head was closest to Pine in the process of sitting, Pine looked down and his sunglasses rested on his lap. react to the fact that

watch the clip againWatch as Pine puts her sunglasses on her chair and clap. Then you have plenty of time to think, “Where are my sunglasses?” Before looking down and seeing a shadow on your lap? Given that interpretation, his response was “I have My sunglasses; a riddle better than “Harry Styles spat on me!” Next!

Young Workers Learn Their Bosses Can Read Everything

Now-deleted TikTok videos controversial among As it shows, the ‘I just got my first job’ set Your boss at work can read your private messages in Microsoft Teams. The shocked reaction of the commenters in the video proves that they are not used to this “work at work”.

Fact: Your employer really Can access ‘private’ messages in Teams, deleted messages, webcam usage, and pretty much everything else. This applies broadly to just about every other app on your work computer. You probably clicked something that agreed with that too.

Employer’s IT department? do Whether or not you regularly snoop on workers depends on where you work. It seems strange that an employer would pay someone to review an employee’s personal messages. Use Use resources appropriately. Either way, it’s good that young people are learning this through TikTok videos rather than the hard way, and I hope that youth ingenuity will become more prevalent and privacy-preserving technology will become more popular and widely adopted. There is no mistake.

Kiwi Farm and ring of power: Two Stories About the Dark Side of Youth Culture

There’s no such thing as a scary person and I’d like to pretend I don’t care, but in reality many young people are terribleand they It seems that he sometimes sticks his face out of the toilet. Online CAD, cretins, and bastards.

  • Kiwi Farms was Infoverse’s #1 platform for organized harassment LGBTQ+ people this week, 10-Cloudfare, a year-old hate site cyber protection company, dropped them in response to a campaign organized by Twitch streamer Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti.kiwi farms can We will be back with a new company to protect it. I assume it’s gone forever. A few Somewhere good news.
  • I have to admit Amazon’s of ring of power Before I see it — but unlike the worst people on earth, I just thought the hobbit movie Absolute shit!i couldn’t ruffle Casting choices for series with some Black of actors Play elves and half-huts (they are ancestral The Hobbit, for those who don’t know yet fully digested talki.e.n’s appendix). And of course, dUm, terrible people have more arms than BThe show’s online reviews are inundated with negative stars because of the lack of actors playing anything in Middle-earth. ring of power actually goodI promise, and Tolkien explained Haft as Anyway, “brown skin” than Hobbitracist, before you open your mouth, at least know Tolkien.

Viral Video of the Week: “Why I’m Lonely and How to Make Friends”

This week’s viral video is Kurzgesagt – in a nutshell. It was The fact that it got over 2 million views in its first day online makes me deeply saddened. Or “Why You’re Lonely and How to Make Friends‘ has been very widely watched and, at least in terms of scale, highlights a problem unique to young people. They are not good at making friends. COVID– Lockdown and general onlineization of human interaction It has produced generations of people who feel lonely and friendless. Your teens and twenties are the easiest times in your life to make friends.

In keeping with Kurzgesagt’s science-related tucksthe video takes a no-nonsense, evidence-driven approach to social issues and points out what research shows Spending time with other people in the real world is the best strategy for making friends. Instead of cursing the darkness, I was going to praise Kurtgezagt for lighting the candle—Your YouTube channel promotes user-run meetups to 19 million subscribers, so you’ll probably make friends.But if you’re a friendless mop, they’ve had to spoil it by touting special pins and posters you can buy from their online store. yseriously don’t have to monetize all.

Did Harry Styles Spit on Chris Pine? A Guide for Indifferent Adults to Child Culture

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