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Decorate your place with canvas prints for the summer of 2022

The summer of 2022 is just around the corner. And when it comes to interiors, there’s nothing like canvas prints that fit the summer months. Exotic travel, music festivals, starry nights – summer has plenty of opportunities to take pictures and print them on canvas. And if you’re looking for a high-quality, low-cost provider, CanvasDiscount.com can help.

Celebrate summer with wonderful memories of the past

These days, our cameras record almost every aspect of our lives. And not as much as a classic summer adventure like a music festival or a cross-country road trip. However, the snapshots we take in these busy days do not always get the public they deserve.

The summer of 2022 is the first summer in which we actually spread our wings. Decorate your walls with photos that highlight the highlights of the past summer.

Whether you and your best friend are unleashed at an outdoor concert or an unforgettable trip abroad, canvas prints are perfect for the wonderful memories hidden in your cell phone or cloud storage.

But what if you have multiple perfect shots and you can’t decide between them?

Please do not sweat. If you want to print your photos on CanvasDiscount.com, you don’t have to select your favorites.

Canvas collage for all summer in one place

Photo Canvas Collage is a great solution when you can’t choose from a large number of great photos. This allows you to print all your photos on one canvas print.

With dozens of layouts and color schemes to choose from, CanvasDiscount.com’s photo collages will be your summer mood board. You can edit the text content to add cool features such as background design and photo “masks”.

The canvas can contain up to 8 photos to capture all the best summer memories. Simply select an image, upload it to your website, and select one of your creative design templates.

Your canvas collage will be delivered directly to your door, and all you need to do is find the perfect place to showcase your brand new wall art.

For those who like multiple prints

If you want to keep one summer photo for each canvas print, but want to hang multiple prints together in a unified arrangement, don’t miss the canvas wall display.

CanvasDiscount.com’s canvas wall display features 3 to 7 individual photos of various shapes and sizes, making it easy to create themed gallery walls. The proposed layout is provided with a total height and width measurement and is suggested for different locations around the house (for example, on a sofa or ascending along stairs).

As with canvas collages, you can play with different themes. Create a photo gallery to introduce you and your friends who have enjoyed Halcyon’s summer for years.

Canvas discount websiteLocation design

Designing a place where summer lasts all year round

Summer really has everything. A flood of light, nature in full bloom, and a night sky that offers a magnificent view. A photo that captures just a small part of that magic will inspire the walls of any home.

So why not ban the late summer blues with beautiful wall art that makes your place feel sunny and warm all year round?

Even if the outside sky is gray in autumn, pictures of blissful sunsets, gorgeous coastlines, palm trees and summer meadows should awaken your senses.

And the pictures of the stars taken at midnight on a camping trip in August always bring an exciting breath of freedom when you settle down in the cold season.

Minimize weight

Minimize weight

Regular canvas prints tend to be quickly wrapped around an internal wooden frame called a stretcher frame. They look great and are definitely sturdy. However, the wood used is usually a pine-light option, but in reality, the wooden frame is quite heavy.

Therefore, if you are looking for a lighter alternative, we recommend canvas wall hangings, a new trend in the canvas market that is also available on CanvasDiscount.com. Instead of being stretched over the frame, the canvas fabric is hung between two pairs of thin wooden sticks. The sides of the print remain completely borderless.

The structure is ingenious – the wooden sticks are fitted with magnetic strips that hold the canvas in place with magnetic pulls that hold them together. And the top pair of bars is fitted with a leather effect cord (all weights of a few ounces!) That can be easily hung on a nail to hang a print on the wall.

Reasons to choose CanvasDiscount.com

CanvasDiscount.com is one of the most popular custom printing services in the country. With over 10 million (!) Prints sold, the shop has a reputation for affordable customer-friendly service.

We are ready to ship canvas prints just 24 hours after your order is completed, and the entry price is only $ 5, saving you both time and money. And in terms of production, there are no corner cuts. Both the techniques used for printing and the materials used for canvas and frames are of the highest quality.

With our advice, order new wall art right away and embrace summer aesthetics earlier this year. After all, the last two varieties fell off in the middle, so it’s worth a little longer this year.

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Brad Anderson

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Decorate your place with canvas prints for the summer of 2022

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