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DataVisor builds strong momentum in fiscal year ending March 2022

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  • Growth almost three times last year’s annual recurring revenue (ARR)
  • Double the number of new global enterprise customers in Banking, Fintech, Payments, Crypto and Commerce
  • Additional capabilities of the DataVisor platform provide customers with a one-stop solution for all fraudulent needs.

Mountain View, CA — DataVisor, market leader in fraud and risk management, ended its fiscal year with significant growth in March 2022, nearly triple annual recurring revenue (ARR) and double-digit customer acquisition. Announced that the fiscal year has ended. .. As existing customers extended both new features and new use cases to the existing DataVisor platform, the growth of existing customers with new features was strong, with a net dollar retention (NDRR) of over 170%.

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“DataVisor is the next generation of AI-powered fraud and risk platform,” said Yinglian Xie, co-founder and CEO of DataVisor. “Supports high QPS, real-time decision making, end-to-end workflows, and is designed with a cloud-native open architecture. We continue to innovate. Our platform has multiple frauds across the industry. It has been adopted by many large companies around the world to support its use cases. ”

Product innovation strengthens customer weapons to combat fraud

DataVisor’s fraud and risk platform gives customers control over the most comprehensive features and provides protection at the touchpoints of all customers. The one-stop solution for fraud detection and determination is feature-rich with powerful tools that make fraud teams available to fraud teams in the future for fraud use cases. In recent releases of DataVisor, we have enhanced our product offering with the following features:

  • Advanced User Behavior Intelligence: A mobile-first device intelligence solution, dEdge has been extended to calculate rich user behavior profiles to more effectively distinguish legitimate users from cybercriminals such as bot activity. With edge computing capabilities, dEdge is the primary solution for providing next-generation risk assessment at the device level.
  • Identity graph: DataVisor identity graphs allow customers to build and visualize connections and relationships between users, accounts, cards, transactions, devices, addresses, and other sources in real time. In addition, it provides many advanced features such as entity resolution, fuzzy matching, block list, allow list and more. All of these are built in to make a plug and play solution. Identity Graph significantly modifies the traditional table list view of operational tasks to reduce manual review and investigation time by 10 to 20 times, while improving operational effectiveness and fraud detection scope.

“We considered several vendors, but none could compare DataVisor’s product innovations, scalability, and performance,” said Sarah Frankhouser, CEO of DCI. “This platform not only met our expectations for technology and product innovation, but also reduced TCO.”

Enhanced C-Suite for further product innovation

In addition to accelerating customer growth, C Suite’s strong technology leaders have allowed DataVisor to remain at the forefront of fraud and risk management and continue to innovate on cutting-edge solutions. Co-founder Fang Yu, Ph.D., a well-known security expert at the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Computer Science, served as chief product officer to focus on product enhancements. Former veteran fraud leaders from Caiwei Li, Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology and Ant Financial, Visa, and Paypal have been promoted to Chief Technology Officer. These changes to the C suite will allow the company to continue to enhance its DataVisor platform and its key machine learning technologies to lead the market.

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DataVisor’s market leadership is recognized by leading analyst companies Forrester, Gartner, Aite Novarica-Group and Quadrant Solutions, both for innovation and customer success. DataVisor has been recognized and acclaimed for its market-leading fraud and risk platforms, starting with being selected as the Gartner Cool Vendor for identity and access control and fraud detection. Shortly thereafter, DataVisor was recognized as the leader in Worldwide Enterprise Fraud Management at IDC MarketScape: Banking 2020 Vendor Assessment. The company also created a list of Forbes 50 and was named a technology pioneer by the World Economic Forum.

For more information on DataVisor’s digital fraud solutions, please visit www.datavisor.com.

About DataVisor

DataVisor is the world’s leading fraud and risk management platform that enables organizations to respond to rapidly evolving fraud attacks and mitigate the risks that occur in real time. Its comprehensive suite of solutions combines patented machine learning technology with native device intelligence and a powerful decision-making engine to protect the entire customer lifecycle across the industry and use cases. DataVisor is recognized as an industry leader and is used by many Fortune 500 companies around the world.

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DataVisor builds strong momentum in fiscal year ending March 2022

Source link DataVisor builds strong momentum in fiscal year ending March 2022

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