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Customize your mouse with this Mac app

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The MacBook has the best trackpads, but it’s definitely better to use a full-size mouse on your Mac. If you want fine-grained control over the scrolling behavior of your external mouse, or if you want to customize it in other ways, Better Mouse is a must-have tool.

Note: BetterMouse is a great tool, but it is not suitable for everyone. If you don’t know what you’re doing, your mouse can be much less accessible than it used to be, but use a variety of options to make sure it works. (You can also use the BetterMouse to customize the scrolling behavior of the internal trackpad, but keep in mind that it works best with an external mouse.)

The app costs $ 5, but it’s also worth mentioning that it offers a one-week free trial.Can be installed Better Mouse From or by that website Use Homebrew.. (To get the most out of the various features, you need to grant accessibility rights.)

Fine-tune the scroll speed

Open BetterMouse and click the icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen to see all the options.The scroll The tab contains all the customization options related to scrolling (of course).

The first three settings (duration, brake point, speed) are linked to the smooth scrolling options below these sliders. If you have smooth scrolling enabled, you can step through these three settings to control the scrolling speed. These three sliders are most effective when the mouse has a wheel. For mice that use a trackpad or gesture-based scrolling, adjusting the scroll settings is not very useful, as the input accuracy is significantly reduced.

The Acceleration settings mimic the scroll speed options in macOS System Preferences. It’s nice to use BetterMouse, but it doesn’t provide anything other than what’s already built in.

The Hori speed option allows you to control the speed of horizontal scrolling. This isn’t very useful on the modern web, as most websites are moving to responsive design. However, many video editing apps still make heavy use of horizontal scrolling, and you can adjust this setting to control the scrolling speed within those apps as well.

[スクロール]Tabs have several other obvious options. If you want your computer to scroll in the same direction as the mouse wheel, you need to disable vertical and horizontal flips.

Once you have customized these settings,[スナップしてください 同じページのボタンをクリックして保存します。 後で何かを変更して、保存した設定に戻したい場合は、 スナップに切り替えます ボタン。


マウスカーソルが遅すぎる、または画面のさまざまな隅にランダムに移動していることに気付いた場合は、BetterMouseのカーソルコントロールを使用すると、満足のいくメディアを見つけることができます。 に移動します カーソル BetterMouseのタブで、速度と加速度の値を変更します。

速度を下げるとカーソルの移動が遅くなり、速度を上げるとカーソルの移動が速くなります。 スイートスポットを見つけたら、Acceleration設定を微調整して、以前に選択したスクロール速度までのランプ速度を変更します。 警告:速度と加速度の両方に高い値を選択すると、マウスの制御が非常に難しくなる可能性があります。 ほとんどの人にとって、マウスのスクロール速度は約20で、加速値は約5である必要があります。


BetterMouseの最も優れた機能は、カスタムショートカットを作成し、それらをマウスボタンにバインドできることです。 たとえば、を押すことができます コマンド+ミドルクリック アプリの[ボタン]In the menu, bind to system volume changes. You can combine these shortcuts using different modifier keys (Option, Shift, Command, etc.) for each. Even better, you can set app-specific shortcuts so that the same button can be reused for different tasks.

For example, in Chrome you can set mouse button 3 to add a new tab and set button 4 to reload the page. In Slack, Button 3 adds a hyperlink to the highlighted text, and Button 4 clears all unread messages. Perhaps in Final Cut Pro, you need to activate the Blade Tool with one button and enable or disable snapping with another button. For almost every Mac app, you can set as many shortcuts as mouse buttons and expand the list with mouse button / keyboard combo shortcuts.

The interface used to map these shortcuts is a little tricky.To make this work, in the app[ボタン]You need to open the tab and press the desired shortcut. This will bring the shortcut to the menu. When prompted, click the drop-down menu and select what you want to map.

If you allow other apps, this feature will not work. Mac mouse fix etc., Control mouse buttons. For BetterMouse to work as expected, you need to disable button binding in other apps.

Finally, of the app[例外]You can go to tabs and control these shortcuts with app-specific criteria. Add the apps you need to the list and change the shortcuts as needed.

Customize your mouse with this Mac app

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