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CUPE Corrects Air Canada Member Wage Fraud

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Vancouver, British Columbia — CUPE’s Air Canada component is pleased to see the development of significant wage issues for members of Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge. The union said last week that ground delays at Pearson Airport have led to significantly reduced or free work for flight attendants due to an outdated policy of paying flight attendants significantly less or not at all. ground. But that has changed now.

Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge confirm with CUPE that ground tax payments related to “metering” (the process of controlling air traffic to and from the terminal) at Pearson Airport will escalate to 100% Signed the agreement.

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Wesley Resoski, President of Air Canada Components at CUPE, said:

The Memorandum of Understanding also acknowledges the impact of delays on flight attendants’ schedules and considers ensuring that flight attendants have sufficient rest for their next scheduled mission after an unscheduled long ground delay. Establish matters.

“This represents significant progress for members of Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge, but we know that we are not the only airlines facing these issues.” Resoski added. “We will continue to fight throughout our union to ensure that all members are paid fairly for their time. No one should work for free.”

CUPE’s Air Canada component represents approximately 9,500 flight attendants in Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge. CUPE’s aviation division represents approximately 15,000 flight attendants from a total of nine different airlines.

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CUPE Corrects Air Canada Member Wage Fraud

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