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CUPE Alberta President Calls on Alberta to Continue Fighting

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Edmonton, Alberta — CUPE Rory Gil, President of Alberta, issued the following statement regarding the resignation of Prime Minister Jason Kenny.

“Last night, the worst prime minister in Alberta’s history resigned. Jason Kenny’s resignation is welcome news, but our fight against the UCP government’s privatization agenda must continue.

Jason Kenny has left, but UCP continues to carry out the agenda of anti-workers, anti-unions and anti-Alberta. United Conservatives continues to promote plans for privatization and demolition of public services. Bill 32, UCP’s unconstitutional anti-union bill, remains on the books as a tool for the UCP government to muzzle workers and unions.

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It doesn’t matter who the next UCP leader is. UCP is bad for Alberta and Alberta workers. It does not focus on what is important to the Alberta family. It focuses on itself and is distracted by its internal turmoil and internal conflict.

We have faced many adversities as a movement, but Jason Kenny’s resignation shows that we are making progress and that we can hear our voice. Now, more than ever, we must continue to raise a collective voice. It’s not time to withdraw. You have to keep fighting until the UCP is packed. ”

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Rory Gil
CUPE Alberta President


CUPE Alberta President Calls on Alberta to Continue Fighting

Source link CUPE Alberta President Calls on Alberta to Continue Fighting

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