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Sixteen days after FTX filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US, former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) is said to be still hiding out at a seaside resort in the Bahamas. This weekend, the Youtuber known as Bitboy decided to fly to Nassau to question SBF about the demise of FTX, and crypto supporters on social media eagerly watched as Bitboy searched the island for SBF. I was.

While Trying To Confront SBF In The Bahamas, Bitboy Says He’s Doing What No One Wants To Do

Crypto Twitter, also known as CT, was entertained by Youtube personalities last weekend bit boy, aka Ben Armstrong. The reason Bitboy has gotten so much attention in the last few days is because he decided to fly to the Bahamas so he could question his Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF).

Since filing for bankruptcy, SBF is still believed to be in the Bahamas, but the former crypto executive’s ostensible private jet has made more than eight trips between Nassau and Argentina. A few days ago, Bitboy told his CT that he was heading to the Bahamas to do something no one wants to do: ask SBF about the FTX disaster.

US investigators are reportedly investigating the collapse of FTX, but people don’t believe law enforcement is actually doing anything. Additionally, news outlets such as The New York Times (NYT), The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Forbes, and The Washington Post have been accused of protecting the SBF’s image and printing “puff pieces,” so they I don’t believe in media efforts. about FTX and Alameda executives.

Bitboy’s Bahamas visit is trending over the last 24 hours, Twitter’s Vertical Trend shows 100,000+ tweets About the subject at the time of writing.YouTuber with over 1 million Twitter followers emphasized “No one else is trying to get to the truth,” he said on Saturday. Bitboy said the purpose of looking for SBF is not to get attention, but to get real answers from the former FTX CEO.

Crypto Influencer Bitboy Flies To Bahamas To Ask Former FTX Executive Sam Bankman-Fried
On Sunday, November 27, 2022 at 9:30 AM ET, the term “Bitboy” trended in over 126,000 tweets.

“This is not about clicks. This is about answers. And I’m never leaving this island without them,” Bitboy said. murmuredMany people were enthusiastic about what Bitboy was doing and many thought it was very interesting. “Who Needs Netflix When You Have CT?” One Person AskedIn fact, cryptocurrency fans were very surprised that Bitboy, not investigators or the media, were going to question SBF.

Crypto influencer salutes Bitboy press work, condo staff says no one is looking for SBF

“So there’s a guy taking on and investigating the FTX scandal,” Twitter account Cryptobull I have written“Neither the FBI, nor the DOJ, nor the media, nor the SEC. [Bitboy]” added Cryptobull. Bitboy responded to his Cryptobull tweet, stating: If no one else does, I will. However, contact with SBF was difficult for him Bitboy. blocked him on Twitter. But that hasn’t stopped Bitboy’s quest to find his SBF, so he can be questioned, and the Youtuber is sharing photos and videos about the experience.

One of the groups of photos Bitboy shared on Saturday were some images of SBF’s alleged Toyota Corolla. “According to Twitter, this is Sam’s Corolla,” says Bitboy murmured“Full of pills in the front seat. Maybe someone can identify what they are. MSI laptops in the back. SBF, look out the window. I just want to talk. Tell your story.” Please come to,” the Youtuber added.

bit boy too shared a video The Albany seaside mansion where SBF is said to live now. “It’s amazing to me that Albany staff said we were the first to come looking for Sam WTF,” Bitboy tweeted.The YouTuber is also messaging his SBF via iMessage and Bitboy shared a photo Of the texts showing SBF, you may have read them. Later in the evening Bitboy said:

I’m here because no one wanted to represent the people against Sam.

Numerous cryptocurrency advocates tweeted about Bitboy visiting the Bahamas and questioning SBF.Bitcoin advocate Raya Hailuphan explained that he would like to see a livestream of the visit. [Bitboy] I’m officially out of Sam Bankman Freed’s house and looking for answers,” Heilpan said. murmured“What makes a cryptocurrency expert do a better job than a U.S. investigator? I want a live stream right now…anyone else?”

Following Bitboy’s tweet, photos and video on Saturday, the Youtuber said SBF was being evicted from his beachfront condo within 48 hours. Can you imagine living there, knowing how many enemies you have? SaidIf you were his neighbor, would you want this kind of attention in your million dollar mansion?”

It basically did the same thing as throwing a digital sledgehammer through Sam’s window. How do you think he slept when he came down from Upper last night?

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Crypto Influencer Bitboy Flies To Bahamas To Question Ex-FTX Executive Sam Bankman-Fried – Bitcoin News

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