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Cruise ship, do not retire on FFS

Image of an article titled FFS that does not retire on a cruise ship

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Retirement should be the ultimate reward for the life spent working hard and living properly. You can pursue a career, pay taxes, save some money, and relax and enjoy the relatively comfortable and safe past decades.But more and more, retirement is seen as a myth: almost a quarter of the population is exactly zero Due to factors such as retirement savings and inflation, living expenses are getting higher and higher, and more and more people are reaching them. Sad conclusion They have no retirement.

Others want to be creative —One of the more creative solutions that is starting to gain a little traction Retired on a cruise ship.. That’s a bad idea.

Wait, are people retired on a cruise ship?

Yes: people want to retire What is floating Petri dish of the disease that caused the environmental disaster..We have a lot A better alternative to cruises When it comes to vacationSo why do you retire in a place that isn’t a top candidate in that non-retirement area?

In a nutshell: cost.Incredibly, if you’re willing to live in a windowless casket room in one of these floating dystopias, the cost of living is Only $ 50 Day, This is less than $ 20,000 a year (including taxes, some fees and tips) and includes all the basic needs. Even assuming there is some error there, we are talking about an incredibly small amount of money compared to living on land. There are also many increments between low-end budget cruises and high-end luxury cruises, allowing you to adjust your lifestyle to some extent. In return, you are nourished, have access to medical facilities and equipment, and can travel around the world!

Still, this is terrible idea. Again, dDo not retire on a cruise ship, FFS..

Disadvantages of life on a cruise ship

Considering retirement on a cruise, I think it will be an endless adventure with a high standard of service, but there are many, but lots of The shortcomings of the concept. First of all, let’s emphasize that the cruise is terrible.They are ideal disease incubators that host the frequent and sometimes fatal outbreaks of influenza, COVID, and sometimes flat bed bugs.. They are also environmentally scary, and hordes of cruise people landing at ports of call around the world are universally disliked.

And that’s why cruises are so bad.We have a lot Clear Why they are a bad choice for retirement:

cost. Old saying The best plans for mice and men apply here. You can calculate the cost of living on a cruise per day to nickel, but the whole business model for cruises is to die with nickel. Almost all cruise ships that are not basic necessities are add-ons. These prices continue to rise, so cruises can continue to attract low-priced suckers. If you pay extra for everything from beer with lunch to WiFi in your room, your affordable retirement will be higher than you think.

confusion. If cruise retirement is attractive, it’s clear that you’re not afraid to travel without a permanent home base, but one ship (one company, Storylines, Plans to launch boats with long-term rental or affordable housing in 2024), Especially when keeping costs down. This means that you need to pack your bags and leave the camp for a new ship at least several times a year.

medical care. Cruise ship medical staff are rarely licensed to US standards. Also, most cruise ships have relatively well-equipped emergency medical facilities, but they are certainly not hospitals. Therefore, in the event of an emergency, arrival is expected to be significantly delayed. And if you happen to be near a country that is less than the state-of-the-art medical industry, you will be out of the options. And when you’re on a cruise ship, your health insurance is very likely not to cover you.

Social impact. Retirement can be lonely..Many of us form social bonds based on our work, and our significant dynamics with others are often shaped by. Not each other Every hour of every day. Retirement of a cruise may mean that even people of the same age are surrounded by people. It’s true!But these are extremely Temporary relationship. Most people don’t live on cruise ships, so it can be difficult to build long-term friendships.

boring. Cruising is like an adventure until you have 20 ships on boardth Stop on the same port. Yes, you can switch and change ships, but this only adds to the turmoil and stress of your life. Most cruises go to the same place, so you’ll soon run out of new places to visit. And the equipment on your ship does not change often, leaving you with a very familiar entertainment and activity choice every day, eternally..

What is the conclusion? Even if it makes financial sense to reduce the number and retire to a cruise ship, you live in an isolated community designed to soak you for money and don’t support your old age. Unless there is a very compelling case, you may regret having retired to a cruise ship very quickly.

Cruise ship, do not retire on FFS

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