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Crown your sweet potatoes with Swiss meringue instead

I'm sorry that the tea towel is dirty. i'm just a human

I’m sorry that the tea towel is dirty. i’m just a human
Photo: Claire Lower

Yams and sweet potatoes are sweet. No one can dispute this.there’s a reason they stay home in pie As a side dish. Still, sugar is delicious, so many people insist on adding brown sugar, candied nuts and marshmallows to orange tubers.

the marshmallow but a little too dark for meI used to make my own marshmallow fluff reduce sugar and add some spicy ginger, but I should have made the swiss meringue.Easier to make and handle than marshmallow fluffand that Brown and potato chips that marshmallows can’t do.

If you’ve never made Swiss meringue before, it’s just like making any other meringue. One extra step: Instead of whisking raw egg whites with extra fine or powdered sugar, mix the egg whites with table sugar and heat in a double boiler until the sugar hardens. dissolve(Rub a little between your fingers. The resulting meringue is more stable than fresh meringue, with smaller bubbles and a more delicate texture.

When applying to chunks of yam or sweet potato When Bake, creating a brown and crisp, thin, cracked layer of meringue. It needs to be topped with a spoon to access the creamy, buttery orange mash underneath.You can make the mash any way you like, but I usually cook mine in instant potBecause it’s simple and delicious. )

Once you get the spud Once it’s hot and ready, it’s time to make the meringue.i use this recipe, be sure to whip to firm peaks.Spread mixture over sweet potatoes/yams In a casserole dish, spin the spoon to create fantasies pattern. (You could put it in a pastry bag and squeeze it out, but I never do that.) Place everything in the oven, bake for a minute or two, and toast the meringue. Serve immediately afterwards.

Crown your sweet potatoes with Swiss meringue instead

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