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“Rebuild your credit for home and cottage life, step by step at a time.”

A second mortgage may be a good idea if you are in the right situation for it. As with any major mortgage decision, the first step is to understand the details of this unique financial contract and how to qualify yourself.

A second mortgage can be a gateway to financial freedom, not just to pay off debt. With an approval rate of almost 100% and no income confirmation, there is no need for difficult situations to occur.

Your home is valuable and over time it can gain its value as a property asset. The fairness of your property can increase over time due to home renovations and improvements in the neighborhood of the surrounding area. The second mortgage allows homeowners to borrow large sums of money while using their home as collateral.

Many Canadians struggle to deal with major banking institutions regarding their real estate finances and mortgages. Private mortgage companies have removed the hassle of banks and probably don’t even look at the overall GDS or TDS ratio.

Need more information about your second mortgage? In most cases, your eligibility is determined by what is called an “LTV formula”. Here’s some information about the LTV formula, and I’ve quoted two common examples to understand how it works.

LTV Formula (Loan to Value): Loan to Value (LTV) is used by Canadian banks and private mortgage lenders to show the ratio of mortgages to the value of current mortgage owners’ assets. It is a currency term to do. You divide the amount of security by the value of your home and give us an idea of ​​how much a private mortgage broker can lend to you. Please note that these numbers are subject to change and are very fluid based on economic conditions.

Property example # 1 is a $ 350,000 home with a mortgage of $ 175,000. You will be sitting at 50% LTV. This means that with a loan limit of 85%, private brokers could potentially get $ 122,500.

In Example 2 of the property, if you move to a cottage with a mortgage of $ 127,000 and a value of $ 200,000, your LTV will be 63.5%. So if you have a 75% loan cap, it’s a rural area and your mortgage agency could potentially get $ 23,000.

Whether you understand how to qualify or are discussing the right payment methods and financial plans for the future, always keep in mind that a second mortgage is more than just paying off your debt.

Always consult a qualified professional before embarking on a major financial decision. It’s important to put you first and find a company that has clients and their circumstances in mind.


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Credits, cottages, mortgages

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