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Create a gift registry for these other life events

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When most of us think about registries and showers, we combine them with weddings and babies. But there are many other lifelong milestones, so it’s ridiculous to limit them. Especially for those who are not interested in getting married or having children. It may seem strange considering seeking gifts and praise on other occasions, but it’s not that exaggerated. People give you gifts every year on your birthday. Because what survived 365 days? Want to sign up for other notable achievements?

“All milestones mean that those who love you and care for you want to do something for you,” he said. MyRegistry.. She pointed out that in the 1930s, the wedding register looked like Gauche. Only a few decades ago, baby showers also seemed suspicious. She is currently looking at the registries of people getting new apartments, teachers stockpiling in the classroom, employees moving to new offices, and nonprofits seeking support.And more importantly, people If you want to buy life event gifts, just create a registry. Help them.. They will have a better idea of ​​what you want, And they can also do Avoid buying the same Someone else bought for the same occasion.. (And of course Creating a registry does not mean that you need to push it to people. )

If you need to consider creating a registry, or shower.

Create a gift registry if you go to school

you Go to college in the fall and go to graduate schoolStart trading, switch fields, or close at a high price school A little behind average, you deserve great credit.It’s hard to make big changes, like doing all the frustrating things Tasks related to application to educational institutions.school itself teeth difficult.

If you need or expect a gift, Basic needs, dorm essentials, and School supplies. HBetter friends and family support You through something big.

Create a gift registry if divorced

WAt the end of your marriage and the future of your previous opportunity, you may feel some relief and uncertainty. Lee Note In a sense, divorce registration makes more sense than wedding registration. many Couple accumulate many Of the communal household, and after separation, you need your own.

Divorce registration Positive thinking.many Divorce registration Made by a divorced personBut there are more registries made Friends trying Supports new singles.

Create a birthday gift registry

No I received 5 diaper genie and I don’t want to receive a diaper bag.Especially when it comes to baby’s birthdayIt is important not to double or triple such gifts It’s also important to buy a gift that someone already has and matches the particular one of the parent needs.

You are not noisy or selfish when creating a birthday registry.You are helping your loved one make easier choices When Save them (When Retail company) From coping Return value.

Create a pet gift registry

When asked about the types of interesting and unexpected registries I saw in MyRegistry, Lee initially said that beauty pageant contestants often used them to procure the materials they needed for their own-funded contests. I shared it. Then she remembered the pig.

“Someone created a register of pet pigs. That’s right. Adopting a pet pig, “she said.

If you want to adopt a new animal, create a registry.your Friends and family May want to support.. You need a village to raise a child, but you also need a village to raise a pig.

Create a continuous gift registry

Set the registry in progress. No, really.Keep your online wisheslist For when Someone may Want to surprise you. According to Lee, the registry isn’t just for specific events. Someone is coming to your house or you are having a supper, so it’s better to know what they like and want. ” She called it the “life register.”“And you need to go for that.

Create a gift registry for these other life events

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