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Consider the 5 Cs before changing jobs

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At some point in your career, there will probably come a time when you will consider a career change. Also, if you have a significant other or children, the decision can be more complicated.

When faced with the decision of whether or not to move for work, one clearly needs to consider the significant impact moving has on family life, social networks, and financial status. he said Myra Strawbereconomist at Stanford University, author of the book Money and Love: Intelligent Roadmaps for Life’s Biggest Decisions. “Work may sound like a financial decision, but it’s also entirely a love decision.”

don’t rely on your gut

Making the decision to move is a very complicated and stressful one. One of the mistakes Strober sees often is that people rush through the decision-making process. “We want to get these decisions done,” Strover said. “There’s a part of us that wants it to end.” It’s awkward to be in the active decision-making process, but it’s important to be thorough with life decisions like these. Essential.

Consider short-term logistics

In the short term, moving will require a lot of work. “Logistics can be difficult to handle,” he said Daphne Jonescareer coach and book author Winning Even When They Say You Can’t Win: Breaking Down Barriers And Raising Your Levels Of Success“When a company pays for a move, they often have a company representative to handle the move, who can help sort out the many moving parts, but do the move without the company’s support.” In your case, logistics includes packing: unpacking, moving cars, crafting special items, and finding new places to live.

If you own a home, the question is whether to sell it or find a renter. If you have children, you need to figure out school and childcare arrangements. If you have an elderly parent who depends on you, you may need to consider whether you will be able to accommodate their needs after you move. Be sure to understand

For long-term impact, consider the 5 Cs

For the long-term impact of movement, Strover recommends using the 5 Cs as a framework. The 5 Cs include clarifying your preferences.Communicate with your partner; consider your options; check in with other people who may have insights. and consider the consequences.

clarify your preferences

If you’I’m thinking of changing jobs time to clarify what is what important to your lifeIf your career is important and moving will help you get promoted, it should be your number one priority.However If you prioritize being close to your family Or, if you have a close-knit group of longtime friends, a break in travel may not make much sense. Find a way to keep track of them before making a decision.

communicate with family

If you have a significant other, you should discuss your decisions. “We don’t make these decisions alone,” Strover says. This includes discussing whether your partner will give up their job to move in with you, or whether they will be behind. For parents of children, according to their agefamily members should also discuss how they will adjust to their new location and what their new home will look like. For teenagers, this means big disruptions to schooling. Younger kids say good in the years leading up to college applicationsgoodbye to their friends.

consider your choice

even though it’s moving Might be so looks like the only available choicesthere is usually yet anotherIf you don’t move, you may have a number of options: redesigning your career, finding a different kind of job in your current city, or any number of other options.if yourBy the time you think you’re the only carrier e If changing jobs is an option, it’s worth taking a step back and considering what else you can do. career the options.

Check-in with others

In addition to discussing potential moves with your partner, it can be helpful to talk to others who may have faced similar decisions in the past. I can’t,” said Strover.This includes close friends, someone from a large family, or A colleague who made a similar decision.

“Maybe you don’t normally think this way,” Strover said. It may be unlikely that you would normally discuss decision-making with them, but at this time, they may have unique insights and experiences that could help in this particular scenario. ”

consider the consequences

Moving also means leaving your support network, which includes family, friends and trusted caregivers.Each time you move, you have to recreate this network from scratch. “Not having a support system in a new town can be stressful and lonely,” Jones said.

The bigger the move and the larger the family, the more difficult this becomes. “Who will be in charge of rebuilding that network?” Strover said. “It’s the family glue.”

In the meantime, until this network is rebuilt, this is going to cause more stress for the family.do you mean Scrambled to find a last-minute daycare Or figure out what to do when your child is sick.depending on resource and the location, which is It can be quite difficult, especially in the beginning.so plan ahead according to.

Consider the 5 Cs before changing jobs

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