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Coffee Briefing – Sep 27, 2022 – OpsGuru Achieves AWS Premier Tier Service Partner Status. ServiceNow launches Now Platform Tokyo. Eleven-x Launches Smart His Parking Solution.more

coffee briefing Timely delivery of the latest ITWC headlines, interviews and podcasts.Today’s coffee briefing Brought to you by the IT World Canada editorial team!

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What’s new this week

OpsGuru Achieves AWS Premier Tier Services Partner Status

OpsGuru, a Vancouver-based multi-cloud consulting firm, announced that it has achieved AWS Premier Tier Services Partner status as the only partner based in Canada. This is a certification given to world-class partners in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). ) has demonstrated technical expertise with validated solutions on AWS.

“This rating reflects hundreds of successful cloud transformation journeys with leading Canadian customers, including Equinox Gold and Trimac. It makes the partnership completely natural,” said Dave Lindon, General Manager of OpsGuru.

To achieve this status, companies must be accredited and certified, have extensive expertise in deploying customer solutions on AWS, and have a team of technical consultants trained and certified on AWS. I have.

ServiceNow Announces Release of Now Platform Tokyo

California-based digital workflow company ServiceNow announced the release of Now Platform Tokyo. This includes enhancements such as digital workflow automation solutions designed to help organizations address complex business challenges and increase operational efficiency.

New features include:

  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) – Automate the lifecycle of physical business assets from planning to disposal designed to reduce costs, mitigate risk and optimize inventory management.
  • Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) – Transform supplier engagements from emails and spreadsheets into self-service digital experiences to reduce operational costs and direct common inquiries to their respective teams
  • Management center – Part of “ServiceNow Impact” – Allows system administrators to easily discover, install and configure ServiceNow solutions through a self-service experience.
  • ESG management – Allows companies to establish and document their ESG objectives in line with ESG reporting frameworks in a single end-to-end solution. ServiceNow works with LTI, Mindtree, NTT DATA Corporation and RSM US LLP to extend the reach and capabilities of ESG management to the market.
  • manager hub – A single destination available from desktop and mobile in the Employee Center, where managers can support the employee journey and deliver personalized training.
  • Automatic issue resolution – Apply natural language understanding (NLU) to analyze requests and deliver self-service content to employees through channels such as Microsoft Teams, SMS, and email.Plus, identify urgent HR cases and route them directly to employee care personnel
  • ServiceNow Vault – Protect business applications and sensitive data while enhancing regulatory compliance.

Emissions data is key to accelerating the transition of Canadian organizations to net zero: Capgemini Research Institute

Seventy-eight percent of Canadian organizations believe that using emissions data can accelerate their organization’s journey to net zero, according to a study by the Montreal-based Capgemini Research Institute. Senior managers from 900 organizations with net-zero targets and 80 public sector organizations were surveyed. Twenty in-depth interviews with senior industry executives and experts were also conducted.

Key insights from this study include:

  • Canadian companies have set net-zero targets, but their reach is limited
  • Most organizations face significant challenges in accurately measuring their emissions.
  • The majority of Canadian organizations have failed to link their net-zero targets to other key business functions.
  • Most organizations do not establish internal team/function goals related to an overall net zero goal.

You can access the full report here.

Eleven-x Announces Smart Parking Solution for University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Campus

Eleven-x, a Waterloo-based provider of smart city solutions, has announced the launch of eXactpark at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s 104-acre main campus to improve the parking experience for staff, students and visitors. . eXactpark combines sensor-based space occupancy monitoring, real-time data, and intelligent enforcement with other capabilities for more efficient parking management.

Eleven-x has installed more than 1,200 award-winning SPS-X sensors and solar-powered signage to help drivers find routes, reduce cruise times, improve pedestrian safety, and improve campus safety. Enhance your entire environment.

The company says the new solution will make parking easier for its 4,700 employees, 23,000 students and countless visitors.

Shopify Launches Shopify Markets Pro and Shopify Translate & Adapt to Expand International Sales

Following the launch of Shopify Markets in 2021, Shopify launched Shopify Markets Pro and Shopify Translate and Adapt to enhance cross-border selling.

Shopify Markets Pro helps merchants optimize their store by monitoring each country’s merchant tax and tariff compliance regulations, offering more competitive shipping rates, and creating a localized consumer experience. , aims to make it easier for merchants to expand their business to over 150 countries.

Shopify Translate and Adapt uses both machine and manual translation to translate a merchant’s store to reach multilingual customers, while adapting custom content to each market and interpreting language based on local lingo. or adjust the

Shopify also announced that it is enhancing its global postal code validation to enhance cross-border commerce. Merchant now covers postal code verification in 100 new markets.

Shopify Markets Pro is available in early access to US merchants, while Shopify Adapt and Translate are available to merchants worldwide.

Explore more

BC Local Government Admits Cyberattack

A municipality in British Columbia admitted to a cyberattack a little over two weeks ago.

Cisco Canada survey reveals innovation is not a priority for most Canadian organizations

Cisco Canada and Angus Reid have released a study revealing that Canadian organizations are struggling to increase their investment in innovation.

Cloud Services Bridging the Digital Divide Between Small and Large Businesses: AWS Impact Report

A Public First study commissioned by Amazon Web Services (AWS) found that 69% of large enterprises (500 or more employees) use cloud computing, compared to small businesses (less than 100 employees). Only 34% of respondents use cloud computing. Over 1,000 Canadian companies and his 750 cloud users were surveyed.

Canadian small businesses, employees criticized for poor cybersecurity practices

Employees of small and medium-sized organizations in Canada received a ‘C’ rating for their knowledge of cyber safety and awareness.

Survey Finds Consumers Have Conflicting Beliefs About Digital Privacy Protection

A new GetApp survey found that Canadian consumers hold conflicting beliefs about who should be responsible for protecting their digital privacy, with 41% believing businesses should be responsible and 25% should be the federal government.

Forbes lists CGI as one of the “World’s Best Management Consulting Firms.”

CGI has been named one of the world’s best management consulting firms in 2022 by Forbes magazine. This annual ranking is designed to help business leaders assess the organizations that provide the best expert advice for navigating the ever-changing business environment.

AWS Announces Canada’s 2022 Partner of the Year

This week, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the 2022 Canadian AWS Partner of the Year.

Channel Bytes 23 September 2022 – Pure Storage Launches Sustainability Assessment Tool. CGI named him one of the world’s best management consulting firms. Live stream of the Intel Innovation Keynote.more

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Commvault adds early threat detection capabilities with Metallic ThreatWise

Data management vendor Commvault announced the general availability of Metallic ThreatWise on Wednesday. Metallic ThreatWise is a security service designed to discover, maintain and minimize cybersecurity threats.

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Coffee Briefing – Sep 27, 2022 – OpsGuru Achieves AWS Premier Tier Service Partner Status. ServiceNow launches Now Platform Tokyo. Eleven-x Launches Smart His Parking Solution.more

Source link Coffee Briefing – Sep 27, 2022 – OpsGuru Achieves AWS Premier Tier Service Partner Status. ServiceNow launches Now Platform Tokyo. Eleven-x Launches Smart His Parking Solution.more

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