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Coffee Briefing Oct 4, 2022 – Cisco Awards. Intuit’s new Toronto office. Twitter releases new video feature.more

coffee briefing Timely delivery of the latest ITWC headlines, interviews and podcasts.Today’s coffee briefing Brought to you by the IT World Canada editorial team!

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What’s new this week

Cisco Canada Launches Fast Future Innovation Awards

Cisco Canada helps address the innovation gap among Canadian companies with its awards program.

Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration and Innovation Labs team teamed up to create an awards program. First Future Innovation AwardThe program provides Cisco resources, expertise, and scale to solve the current innovation challenges facing Canadian business organizations.

The program runs until November 15th and the top submissions in each category will be awarded up to C$200,000 in funding, resources and expertise for developing, prototyping or implementing ideas.

Visa and Square unveil solution to help Canadian businesses access funds faster

Visa and Square will help transform money transfers, enabling Square’s instant money transfers with Visa Direct, a VisaNet processing capability that enables real-time delivery of funds directly to financial accounts using qualified card credentials. Announced expansion in Canada.

Square’s instant money transfers typically allow organizations to access funds sooner than the next business day, which is the default for most Canadian businesses. With instant transfers, Square merchants can link eligible debit cards to instantly transfer funds to external bank accounts.

About 44% of Canadian small business owners say real-time access to cash flow is critical to sustaining their business in the early days of the pandemic. Additionally, he indicated that 85% of small business respondents switched to a new merchant her acquirer offering real-time payments.

Jim Phillis, Vice President and Head of New Payments at Visa Canada, said: “We are committed to working with Square to help small businesses in Canada identify solutions that benefit them by providing fast, reliable and secure access to funding. increase.”

Intuit opens new office in Toronto

intuitive office.Source: Intuition

Intuit officially opens its new Canadian headquarters in Toronto. He is one of many tech companies that recently opened offices in Toronto. CBRE’s 2022 Tech Talent Rankings.

Intuit said the new location will allow the company to connect and innovate with Toronto’s technology ecosystem, while also creating an environment where the Intuit team can collaborate and innovate for their customers.

The office practices a hybrid work approach. Intuit expects most employees to be in the office an average of two to three days a week.

Some of the best design elements in Intuit’s hybrid office include a library with quiet zones, project rooms, various collaboration spaces, meditation and prayer rooms, and more.

Twitter launches new video viewing experience

Source: Twitter

Twitter is rolling out two updates for videos on its platform.

Immersive viewing and easy discovery allow you to expand your video to full screen with one click. This will give users easy access to a “completely immersive viewing experience,” the company said. For the update to take effect, the user simply clicks on the video in her Twitter app.

According to the company, the immersive media viewer will soon be available to users of Twitter in English on iOS.

Additionally, Twitter is introducing the latest additions to the Explore tab. With our new video carousel, Users can find videos they like, along with recommended tweets and trends. Twitter users[探索]Just open a tab to discover the most popular videos shared on the app.

Video carousels are now available to people in certain countries using Twitter in English on iOS and Android.

Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst Announces Fellows for First Catalyst Fellowship Program of the Year

Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, the National Center for Cybersecurity Training, Innovation, and Collaboration at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), Catalyst Fellow for the 2022-2023 academic year.

The cohort includes three TMU faculty members, Burcu Bulgurcu, Rasha Kashef, and Reza Samavi, and three industry professionals, AJ Khan, Monika Freunek, and Jeff Schwartzentruber.

The new Fellows will propose cybersecurity protocols, explore the theoretical limits of achievable security, create new software applications, and provide tools to help Canada advance cybersecurity innovation.

They work with members of the TMU and Catalyst communities on projects and interact with students from Catalyst’s Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Program. The Fellow will be convened both remotely and in person at a conference held at Rogers CyberSecure his Catalyst headquarters in Brampton, Ontario.

Explore more

Federal Privacy Commissioner remains silent on proposed new privacy law for businesses

Canada’s recently appointed privacy commissioner has yet to share his thoughts on the government’s recent attempt to update federal privacy laws that cover the business sector.

ATB Ventures Announces Line of Digital Identity Products

ATB Ventures, the research arm of Alberta-based financial institution ATB Financial, has launched a suite of digital identity products, including the Oliu platform, Oliu Studio, and a digital identity wallet called Proof. The launch comes a few weeks after the federal government announced the National Digital Identity Program.

A Microsoft report reveals a new trend in the era of hybrid work: productivity paranoia.

A new Microsoft Work Trends report reveals that the move to hybrid work and increased workloads are leading to productivity paranoia.

Listen to Interac’s hot new singles to help you spend intentionally

To encourage mindful spending this holiday season, inter-bank network Interac has released a playlist of soothing melodies tailored to encourage “intentional spending.”

Getty Images bans AI-generated art amid copyright concerns

Getty Images has banned the sale of AI generative artwork created using image synthesis models such as Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, and Midjourney through the service.

Cybersecurity webinar for all Canadian federal civil servants

Canadian federal government employees are encouraged to attend a bilingual cybersecurity webinar next month.

Channel Bytes 30th September 2022 – ESET unveils new solution for MSPs. Firewall sales surged in the second quarter. Your customer’s trading experience can hurt your cash flow.more

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Coffee Briefing Oct 4, 2022 – Cisco Awards. Intuit’s new Toronto office. Twitter releases new video feature.more

Source link Coffee Briefing Oct 4, 2022 – Cisco Awards. Intuit’s new Toronto office. Twitter releases new video feature.more

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