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Coffee Briefing June 28, 2022 – Blueprint Software Systems fully embraces remote work. Klarna activates the reward card. HCL Technologies announces center in Vancouver.more

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What’s new this week

HCL Technologies Announces Next Generation Engineering and R & D Center in Vancouver

Source: HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies, a global technology company, announced the opening of a new next-generation engineering and research and development (R & D) service center in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The new facility has a Customer Experience Center focused on developing futuristic digital technologies and next-generation products and solutions for HCL Technologies customers. These solutions include full-stack engineering solutions, customer experience, and R & D services across a variety of industries.

The company also recently welcomed the first cohort of the HCL Technologies Apprenticeship Program in Vancouver. The program is part of the company’s early career and training program at Rise at HCL Tech, providing software development and testing, digital and cloud services, and infrastructure to high school graduates without a formal college degree. And engineering.

“This new facility enables HCL Technologies to leverage industry-leading digital engineering technology services and R & D capabilities to develop next-generation products and platforms for global customers. The facility is Vancouver’s technology and education. We encourage better collaboration across the ecosystem, “said Vijay Anand Guntur, President of Engineering and R & D Services at HCL Technologies.

HCL Technologies employs more than 2,000 people in Canada and plans to grow further, including another 1,000 in the next three years.

Blueprint Software Systems employs company-wide remote work

Source: Blueprint Software Solutions

Blueprint Software Systems, a provider of cloud-based business process reengineering software solutions, has announced full acceptance of company-wide remote work.

Blueprint will have remote-centric employees and will relocate in June to a new location in Midtown Toronto, designed to adjust physical office capacity and accommodate face-to-face collaboration and remote communications.

Employees do not have to spend physical time in the office and there are no geographical restrictions on the company’s employment.

“Blueprint has helped organizations around the world run more efficiently and run process automation projects at lower cost through a cloud-first, location-agnostic approach. Blueprint President and Chief Executive Officer. “Covid has made remote work a requirement for blueprints over the past two years, and has improved collaboration and productivity during that time, so business is optimized accordingly,” said Dan Shimmerman. And accelerated that trend. “

Blueprint currently has employees in 19 cities in North America and plans to grow throughout the year.

Toronto Healthtech Researchers Use AI to Accelerate Diagnosis of Rare Diseases with New Funds

Source: Pentavere

Toronto’s Pentavere secures C $ 200,000 in medical technology funding from biopharmaceutical company Takeda Pharmaceutical, a new digital technology and artificial intelligence (AI) solution to help enhance patient care in rare disease conditions We are helping to identify.

Pentavere Research Group Inc. is a clinical discovery company that has developed an AI engine called DARWEN that accelerates discovery from vast amounts of clinical textbooks. DARWEN unleashes value, insight and evidence from clinical information that cannot be analyzed by human intelligence alone.

In addition, Takeda Canada announced that Pentavere was awarded the first Takeda Canada Innovation Challenge, which began in January 2022. This is to accelerate partnerships to identify new digital technologies and AI solutions that support enhanced patient care for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or rare diseases.

Rute Fernandes, General Manager of Takeda, Canada, said: “Building strong partnerships and leveraging data and technology throughout our healthcare ecosystem is essential to comprehensively address the needs of key patients, from diagnostics to personalized medicine. Congratulations on the successful submission of Pentavere and thank all participants for participating in the Takeda Canada Innovation Challenge. “

This partnership gives Pentaver the opportunity to collaborate and benefit from Takeda’s extensive international network.

Klarna launches new loyalty card feature

Source: Klarna

Klarna, a global retail banking, payment and shopping service, has announced the release of a new loyalty card feature in the Klarna app.

This feature allows app users to digitally store and access their physical loyalty cards. Users can collect all points and benefits at any merchant without having to carry a physical card while shopping in the store.

This feature supports more than 8,000 loyalty reward programs worldwide, from technology and groceries to clothing and beauty, helping consumers earn points.

According to the company, this feature will be provided at the right time. According to a Klarna survey, 39% of Canadians have avoided enrolling in loyalty programs in the past because they did not want to carry another physical card with them.

“At Klarna, we want to give consumers the best shopping experience in the world, whether online or on the high streets. Klarna now digs deep into physical stores and wherever consumers shop. Saves time and money with. Equipped with a digital space for users to conveniently collect point cards, taking the physical shopping experience to a new level of convenience and flexibility. ” Said David Fock, Klarna’s Chief Product Officer.

Canada becomes Twitter’s new writing feature, Notes test market

Source: Twitter Canada

Twitter has selected Canada as one of its new Notes test markets. This feature will be provided through a new team from a company called TwitterWrite.

Twitter writing The focus is on building tools and communities to help leaders and writers get the most out of their social media platforms. Focus on improving the author’s Twitter experience and appeal to journalists, writers, bloggers, content creators, newsletter publishers, and comedians.

With the new Notes feature, writers can capture articles and other types of content using a rich text editor and exceed 280 characters for the first time.

Starting last week, Twitter has partnered with a small group of writers in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Ghana to test drive this feature.

IT Channel Award Nominated Women Open

Channel Daily News is currently accepting Rising Star and Mentor of the Year awards nominations and will be presented to women at the IT Channel Awards Luncheon at the Art Gallery of Ontario on August 25, 2022. The deadline for submission is July 8th.

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Winners of SAS Hackathon 2022 use the data to decipher the actual problem

This week, SAS announced the winner of the 2022 SAS Hackathon. From 70 qualified teams and 50 business case submissions worldwide, SAS highlighted 13 teams for innovation using cloud-native SAS Viya artificial intelligence, Microsoft Azure, and other technologies.

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Canadian internet providers must block bad botnets, regulators say

Canadian telecommunications regulators create mechanisms that Internet service providers must use to block botnets that carry malware.

This Week’s Ransomware – Friday, June 24, 2022

According to a recent report from Telus “”Cyber ​​attacks are on the rise in Canada, with 98% of Canadian organizations reporting cyber attacks in the last 12 months.

Channel Bytes June 24, 2022 – Cloudflare announces the Zero Trust Partner Program. Ermetic automates JIT cloud access. DoControl’s new channel program.more

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RBC announces partnership with clients to increase security and control of financial data

RBC has announced a partnership agreement with both Plaid and Envestnet | Yodlee aims to provide clients with better access and control and to securely share financial data with off-bank applications. ..

Is Queen’s Park set to change the rules of health records?One expert thinks so

It was neither a declaration nor a confirmation, but it suggests that major changes may be taking place in Ontario as citizens gain electronic access to their health records.

Mayor of Calgary discusses what the city is doing to build the technology sector

Joti Gondec, 37 in Calgaryth The mayor and the first woman elected to that position say that the mistakes made in the past trying to build the city’s tech department will never happen again under the supervision of her administration.

Calgary’s technology is thriving, says the Collision 2022 panel.

The Calgary Economic Development panel discussion at Collision 2022 discussed the issue of attracting and retaining talent in the growing technology sector in an era of turmoil and uncertainty.

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Coffee Briefing June 28, 2022 – Blueprint Software Systems fully embraces remote work. Klarna activates the reward card. HCL Technologies announces center in Vancouver.more

Source link Coffee Briefing June 28, 2022 – Blueprint Software Systems fully embraces remote work. Klarna activates the reward card. HCL Technologies announces center in Vancouver.more

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