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Cheese is croutons

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I’m not on a diet, but if I do, I feel like I’m on a low-carb diet. It’s not that I don’t like bread, pasta and french fries. It means that I love dairy products more.I never try Atkins (like my parents) or go to Keto (like some kind of cross)Fitter), but I Will Thank you for all the new and creative cheese-based alternatives you’ll see at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. (Tortillas, would you like cheese? Great!) Cheese can take many forms and one of my favorites is the croutons.

I love croutons expanding the notion of “possible”. Pizza is croutons.. Tater tots is croutons.. And yes, cheese is croutons. I’m not talking about the supple shreds of cheddar you get from the bag — which is certainly a good starting material — I’ve grilled Halloumi, Frico, and the pre-packaged I see everywhere. A place to talk about the cheese potato chips I bought at the store.

Halloumi grill is croutons

Halloumi isn’t crisp, so to be honest, it’s the weakest argument. However, it has a slightly crispy texture and plenty of salt (the croutons should be very salty), providing a burnt, brown taste. It can also be cut into crouton-shaped cubes.Making halloumi (or very similar bread cheese) croutons Easy: Cut it into cubes and cook it in a non-stick pan until it is deep brown on all sides.You can also cut the halloumi into thick plates Grill until brownedIf you want to cook the cheese outside, cut the plate into cubes. Sprinkle the cubes on the salad like any other crouton.

Frico is croutons

You know I love crispy cheese, and this is where the pre-shredded cheddar bag works.many Shredded cheese Mix a little starch to prevent it from hardening. The starch is actually a more delicious and crispy fried cheese disc.

As you may know, bagged and already finely chopped cheese is usually coated with some sort of anti-caking agent, usually potato starch. That was the case with Tillamook’s sharp cheddar bag, which crispy the best cheese in my life. I started a batch of potato chips by chopping straight cheddar cheese straight from the block (to be honest, Tillamook is also sharp), but I got tired of the grid and chopped it in advance from laziness. I grabbed something. I didn’t know how the extra starch would affect Frico, but I was happy and surprised to find that it became more crispy and crispy, with no trace of bitterness and much faster browning. It took twice as long to brown the same amount with plain cheese, and the resulting dairy wafers were very bitter and inedible.

Once you have the cheese, you’re ready to make frico.You can do it Make it easy to understandOr can Put something in it, To make a kind of cheese bark. You can make it on the silicon top of the oven, but I usually make it in a non-stick pot.To make cheese potato chips, fry the finely chopped cheese mounds over medium heat until they are made. However It starts to turn brown. (At first it looks pretty greasy. This is what you want. )

If you want to take it to the next level, you can mix 1/2 teaspoon of your favorite spice or seasoning (cumin, fennel, paprika, or chili powder).It’s all very good).If you want to reduce your labor, you can make A huge piece of frico; Just add cheese to the pan Even the lace layer is crushed into crunchy pieces before sprinkling on the salad.

Cheese potato chips are croutons

Proliferation Pre-packaged Frico In my opinion, that’s a good thing. Instead of thin, lace cheese shards, you can get a small nugget of fried cheese that feels like a real crouton in your mouth. No preparatory work on your side — jJust buy them and put them in your salad. end. (Anyway, as I do with most croutons, you can also eat it directly from the bag as a snack.)

Cheese is croutons

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