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Change your Mac’s Caps Lock key to something useful

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Recently, caplock’s main purpose is to make people Furious every time they accidentally hit a key. There have actually been requests to remove the key as it is not used (Google Chromebooks no longer include it).when you find it c on your macapllock keys are often useless other than chance Turning You angry typist, you might choose to make more I can use it.

why our computers caplLock in the first place?

cap lLock Already used Useful: Before computers came around, we had sTypewriter lift lock. Physically shift the keyboard to lock it in another position so you can type uppercase and secondary characters without pressing s.shift key. In a time when keys were harder to press, especially the tough s held down, it made a lot of sense, butThe shift key is a different story on modern computer keyboards.

For one, caplock only sticks to uppercase input, not secondary characters. 2, today’s keyboard key is many Easier to press than a typewriter—iIt takes very little effort to keep it intactHold down the hift key while typing the letter you want to capitalize. Most of us don’t type capital letters that often. for now.

for a while caplock was more of a nuisance than an intentional key. However, if you want your keys to have some purpose on your Mac, Easy.

how to change capllock into your something else Mac

To get started, open your system Preferences > Keyboard, then select Modifier Keys. Here you will see a set of keyboard keys whose actions can be changed.But by far the most convenientis caps lClick on ck:c.aplLock the dropdown menu to find the following actions that can be assigned to the key.

  • caps lock
  • Control
  • option
  • instructions
  • escape
  • glove
  • do nothing

In my opinion the most meaningful key action here is Escape. My his MacBook Pro didn’t have a physical Escape key, so that’s how I first learned about this keymapping feature. Turn unused Caps Lock key into Escape optionbut provided additional precision that was previously lacking.

Of course, many MacBooks (and all Bluetooth Magic Keyboards) come with a physical Escape key, so you may not need the extra key. In that case you can choose one of the other options, but most people probably don’t need that much either.Command key and two options key and only one cControl key, it’s is on the same side of the keyboard as caplOkay. aGain, Redundancy.

Then the best function of caplIn my view, ock is nothing. Select “No Action” from the drop-down list, caplLock The keys become a little museum on your keyboard. It once had a purpose, but now it has no purpose. Ignored.

That said, the keyboard is yours. This setting allows you to remap multiple keys to whatever actions you like, opening up a lot of possibilities for different use cases. If you want 5 Escape keys, hum. If you want each key to do something different than the name printed on it, have a ball.Really, it’s better than unintentionally typing in all caps and having to humbly amend the record.aplOkay.

Change your Mac’s Caps Lock key to something useful

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