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Change these uBlock Origin settings to further enhance your privacy

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uBlock Origin is protection Your privacy on the internet. Its default settings are great for most people, Some adjustments, it can be even more effective. In front of you Make these changesBut keep in mind The more blocking options you enable, the higher the risk of corruption web page. Ideally, make these tweaks one at a time, Most frequently used site yet It works as expected.

The best features of uBlock Origin are: You need to enable maximum privacy.

Hide annoying cookie banners

Many websites are legally required to notify you that they are using cookies and allow you to refuse non-essential cookies.You can use either Another extension that automatically rejects these cookie notifications Alternatively, use uBlock Origin to hide them altogether.

Click the uBlock Origin icon on your browser toolbar and select the three gear icons. This will open the uBlock Origin dashboard. To hide cookie notifications Filter list Less than bothersomeEffectiveness EasyList Cookie..

Enable region-specific block lists

uBlock Origin’s default block list is useful as long as you are visiting international websites. However, if you frequently visit local websites, trackers can slip through these blocks. Therefore, you should consider using a region-specific block list.Move to uBlock Origin Dashboard> Filter List> Regions, LanguagesSelect the block list for your area.

Block domains that are known to contain malware

There are many websites for spreading viruses and malware, and uBlock Origin can block most of them. To enable these filters uBlock Origin Dashboard> Filter List> Malware Domains, Enable Online malicious URL block list, Phishing URL block list (Blocks domains used by scammers), and PUP domain block list (PPotentially unnecessary program).

Remove tracking from URL

When I click a URL on almost every website, the string appears very long in the address bar of my browser. This happens because the website uses a URL to track activity. uBlock Origin has multiple ways to remove tracking information from URLs. Use one of these.

TThe easiest way to block tracking URLs is to access the following URL: uBlock Origin Dashboard> Filter List> Privacy Enable AdGuard URL tracking protection..

If you’re used to tinkering with block lists and your own block rules, go to uBlock Origin Dashboard> Filter List> My Filters When Add the following line of code.


This removes tracking information from the URL that uses the utm parameter. In the uBlock Origin documentation removeparam A syntax to better understand it and create effective filters.

You can also import a custom list that removes tracking from the URL.To do this, go to uBlock Origin Dashboard> Filter List> Custom,Choose Import.. P[インポート]Paste the following URL into the form below the button.


Stop remote fonts and JavaScript

uBlock Origin allows you to block JavaScript and load remote fonts. This allows you to load some websites faster, overcome certain paywalls, and reduce tracking. However, be aware before enabling this, as JavaScript is used on almost every site these days and can corrupt many websites.

go To uBlock Origin Dashboard> Settings> Default BehaviorAnd enable Block remote fonts When Disable JavaScript..

Examine advanced blocking modes

Documented by uBlock Origin for more advanced users Its advanced blocking mode GitHub If so What you want to try. However, the law of diminishing returns applies here. It should be noted that the risk of breaking the website to remove some additional trackers is significantly increased. This is not worth the hassle for most people.

Change these uBlock Origin settings to further enhance your privacy

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