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Centuries-an old history that ignited as a protest

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Over the weekend, a Colorado climate activist died after firing in front of the US Supreme Court. Self-immolation of Win Bruce coincided with Earth Day, And his friends told the press that he was deeply passionate about climate change.Bruce was far from the first person to make such a statement,.. In fact, the history of self-immolation is quite long, And it has been done in protest of all kinds.

How long have you been protesting self-immolation?

The first recorded protest of this method took place in 396 when an individual named Fayu set fire in a place that would later become China.

After two asylum seekers fired on an island off the coast of Australia in 2016 Australian Broadcasting Corporation report Suicide protests are “very rare”, but they are■ It has increased worldwide in the past 50 years.

What is the purpose of this type of suicide protest?

Bombing and aerial flight are one of the ways that come to mind when discussing violent and symbolic suicide, mainly to address issues and cause further damage. Self-immolation is not considered much until it happens. There’s a reason for that: it’s graphic and eye-catching.

In 2013, Michael Biggs, Lecturer of Sociology, Oxford University Said NPR There are two different motives for this act. One is to show a distant audience how bad the situation is for the affected group. The second is to strengthen the determination of those who are behind.

Looking back on the history of political self-immolation, one thing becomes clear. Those who choose to die in a fire are often part of a group of malicious or abused people. They aim to make a statement about the treatment of their group — and draw attention to issues that will continue to plague living people.

What are the well-known examples of self-immolation?

Bruce’s death has been talked about this week and will continue to be discussed for a long time, like the self-immolation that happened before him. One of the most famous examples of this form of protest was carried out by an elderly monk named Thich Quang Duc. In 1963, a Vietnamese man burned alive in the city of Saigon to protest the corrupt government. The picture of the so-called “burning monk” became an international headline, Former President John F. Kennedy said, “In history, no news photo in the world has produced so many emotions.” Indeed, the act of protest is considered one of the things that pushed the United States into the Vietnam War.

As with nuns, in fact, monks make up a significant number of people who choose this form of protest.Others who have followed this route include far more peace activistsMa, and a student. Two years after Thich Quang Duc died in protest in Saigon, Tunisian fruit seller Mohamed Bouazizi self-immolated, stimulating the Arab Spring protests.

More recently, more than 100 people in Tibet have fired to protest Chinese rule. From women’s rights in Iran to unemployment in Turkey, the reasons for these protest suicides vary, but almost all women go to raise awareness of what is considered fraud affecting members of the community. I have been. Earlier this year, an Australian man fired to protest his duty to vaccinate COVID-19, but paramedics and police intervened and he did not die.

Why is this important?

Self-immolation protests are often the final and horrifying act. As mentioned above, they are often done to raise awareness of causes and fraud. Those who do this, like the “burning monks” of the 1960s, want their final actions to be able to draw the attention needed to correct perceived mistakes. Their causes are clearly important to them, but it is just as important to never admire violence or suicide. If you are thinking of committing suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255).

During the weekend, there was a serious protest among news consumers that many initial reports from major retailers did not mention Bruce’s position as a climate activist. Bruce’s friends and acquaintances spoke online and demanded that journalists emphasize what was important to him. Dr. K. CrittyColorado Climate Scientist and Zen Monk, That tweetHe knew the blues When Added“This is a very fearless and compassionate act to draw attention to the climate crisis.”

Understanding the motives behind such protests is important even if you do not praise or tolerate the act. History shows that ignoring these motives cannot stop injustice.

Centuries-an old history that ignited as a protest

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