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Cardamom is the new cinnamon

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Cardamom deserves to be loved more as a baking spice.Unique yet versatile, warm and bold, suitable for both sweet and savory foodsYou may not have cooked with cardamom yet, but you may have wondered how chefs managed to achieve that particular flavor by hiding it in sauces or mixing it into dough. Cinnamon will always be in our cabinets, but it’s time to make room for another 1.5-inch spice jar.

What does cardamom taste like?

Cardamom is a green seed pod containing small black seeds. Usually spices he can buy in three different forms. It can be whole dried seed pods, unground black seeds, or black seeds ground into a powder. Depending on the cooking method, all three cooking methods can be made available. The cardamom flavor is unusual, but tastes like meeting an old friend. Breaking it down like a spice sommelier, it’s an evergreen, full-bodied floral followed by a soft menthol-like finish.

Cardamom goes well with other spices. Cardamom is perfectly fine by itself, but the enthusiastic filler behind other spices he can also be the aroma. Used worldwide for both sweet and savory uses, as well as hearty, warming recipe favorite indian marg masala, thai massaman, nigerian puff puffWhen Swedish Kardemummabullar.

Where to start The “Queen of Spices”

Cinnamon, apples and cardamom are great partners. If you’re new to dealing with the “Queen of Spices,” I recommend starting there. If you are making apple her cake with cinnamon, add cardamom powder as well. or take the plunge Alternative cinnamon and cardamom. you won’t be disappointed. Those experimenting with cardamom should start with half the amount of cinnamon that the recipe calls for. If your cinnamon bun recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of cinnamon, use 1 tablespoon of cardamom, whether or not you substitute the spice. Or add with cinnamon.

Sprinkle with this cardamom sugar for an easy and sweet topping butter toastpressed into cookie dough, or mix in rice pudding Or oatmeal. Mix both ingredients in a bowl or shake in a jar with a lid for easy storage.i like to roll My butter cookie base recipe Have a delicious feast with coffee with this cardamom sugar.

how to make caldamon sugar


  • ΒΌ cup granulated sugar
  • 2 teaspoons ground green cardamom

Place both ingredients in a container and mix until blended. Sprinkle it on everything from ice cream to apple fritters.

Cardamom is the new cinnamon

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