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Canucks promotes Aiden Fox to head of analytics

Fox, 31, has been with Canucks since 2011 and has been an official analyst since 2016.

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Patrik Allvin, General Manager of Canucks, is clear. He is a big fan of the analytics department, which he has inherited since joining the team in late January.

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Very impressed, he is the head of the department, Aiden Fox, a longtime member of the data analytics team that has grown under the direction of analytics director Jonathan Wall, alone enough to be alone. I was promoted to.

“Aiden, the head of the analytics team, was really impressed with how we work, how we communicate with our staff, the information he provides to me and the scouts here, and how we work with our coaching staff. They were really impressive, “Allvin told Postmedia Thursday.

Fox’s main role in recent seasons was to provide data for use by coaching staff, but in 2019 Ryan Biech was added to support the use of data and video analytics by scouting staff. was. This season, Miles Hawken and Rachel Doerry have joined as full-time staff members, and Martin Labancer has signed a deal. Four of the five joined Canax under the supervision of former analytical director Jonathan Wall, who was dismissed by team owner Francesco Aquilini in early December.

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Allvin said he was really happy with the variety of skills the analytics team had.

“This is the bigger staff I worked with in Pittsburgh,” Allvin added.

“I was really impressed that Aiden Fox is a head guy. They work together and explain how they explain things and what they offer us.”

busy busy — At the end of the season, Allvin laughed when he was pointed out that he was actually busier than ever. He needs to make a decision using the roster. For example, you have questions about contracts such as Bo Horvat, JT Miller, and Brock Boeser. “Communicating with agents, some RFAs, UFAs. Touching the base with other teams to see what’s going on. It’s definitely a busy time,” he said shyly.



Canucks promotes Aiden Fox to head of analytics

Source link Canucks promotes Aiden Fox to head of analytics

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