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Canadian Petroleum Services Association Announces Rebranding to ENSERVA, Canada’s Business Journal

CALGARY, Alberta, Sept. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canada’s energy industry is transforming, and so is Enserva (the “Association”). Today, our association is proud to officially announce its rebranding from its former identity as an oil service. Changed the Canadian Society to a new nickname, Enserva. This exciting rebranding better reflects who our association is and where we are heading.

For over 40 years, our association has championed Canadian energy. Our roots are deeply rooted in the oil industry. Our future lies in the interconnected energy industry, where every industry needs the services, suppliers and manufacturers we represent.

For our team, board and members, this is more than a name change. The Enserva brand is intended to give our organization a commitment to continually serve the needs of our members and communities in everything we do. To demonstrate the value our members can expect, today we are making our ESG playbook available to members. Developed with the expertise of her leading ESG professionals, the toolkit is a catalyst for members to implement her ESG strategies to increase business efficiency and opportunity, and positively impact their communities. support to become We also roll out an advocacy roadmap to our members outlining the industry’s advocacy plans and policy solutions to ensure we remain partners on the NetZero journey.

The rebrand launch also includes a new logo that better represents the brand’s direction. The layers represent the three sources of energy on Earth: underground (warm grey), surface (green), sky (blue), and the three sectors Membership, Services, Supply, and Manufacturing.

We are so excited to share our new identity with you. As a member, and future member, you can unleash the energy of Canada and make the world a better place.

“Our members are innovators and solution finders in Canada’s energy services, supply and manufacturing sectors. They are leaders making meaningful contributions to the world’s energy challenges. is the energy behind the energy.” – Gurpreet Lail, President and CEO, Enserva

“The energy industry is transforming, and so are we. We are Enserva, a bold brand chosen to better reflect who we are and where we are going. AMGAS is proud to be part of Enserva, an organization that actively supports Canada’s energy services, supply and manufacturing sectors.” January McKee, Chairman of the Board of Enserva and President of AMGAS

“This new modern name and logo reflects the direction of the industry as Canada continues to have a bright future as one of the world’s most important sources of energy from all sources. Tenaris is also investing in this direction. and I am delighted to be part of Enselva.” – David McHattie, Vice President, Institution Relations Tenaris Canada, Vice Chairman, Enserva

“Our energy services sector is vital to the success and sustainability of Alberta’s energy industry. Working with oil and gas producers, our service companies provide Alberta with thousands of jobs and We have increased the dynamism of the industry, and there is no doubt that this will continue under this bold new brand.” book.Minister Savage, Alberta Energy Minister

“Congratulations on rebranding your organization to reflect the evolution of this important sector in our province. We wish you every success as you continue to champion sustainable Canadian energy.” – book.Minister Jim Leiter, Minister of Energy and Resources, Saskatchewan

“Canada’s world-class energy services industry is evolving to meet the needs of society, and so are the associations that have represented these service industries over the past decades. The growing number of companies serving the advanced green industry is working well with a new brand that represents businesses and their role in the Canadian economy.”Enserva” is a great new brand. Congratulations to Gurpreet Lail and her entire team for capturing the essence of her member’s role in Canada’s future. ”- Greg McLean, MP, Calgary Center

“As a proud member of Enselva, Schlumberger Canada Limited is extremely pleased with the association’s new name, image and inclusive positioning that reflects our shared values.” – Matt Bryan, President, Schlumberger Canada

“To me, the new name and image are fully in sync with the association’s positioning to better meet the demands of its members and the needs of the changes occurring in the energy sector today. We at Schlumberger Canada will continue to be members of Enselva. We are proud to be and couldn’t be more excited about the association’s new name, image, leadership team and overarching direction.” – Mark O’Byrne, President Paliser Production Management Limited (A Schlumberger Company)

“YWE is encouraged to change the name of PSAC to Enserva to reflect the evolving energy industry. The service company is the backbone of the construction and maintenance of traditional O&G and emerging new energy sources, This name change reflects our readiness to go further and support all the needs of the industry.” Katie Smith-Parent, energetic young woman

For more information about Enserva and membership details, visit enserva.ca.

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About Enselva
Enserva is the national trade organization representing Canada’s energy services, supply and manufacturing sectors, representing member companies and more than 400,000 sector workers nationwide. We are energy innovators and solution finders. We work together to make the world a better place by unlocking energy in Canada, reducing energy poverty and ensuring energy security.

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Canadian Petroleum Services Association Announces Rebranding to ENSERVA, Canada’s Business Journal

Source link Canadian Petroleum Services Association Announces Rebranding to ENSERVA, Canada’s Business Journal

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