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Can you actually fix your technique by smacking it?

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Technical “emergency situations” are often Much simpler than it looks..And sometimes the simplest solution (or the one that feels the most instinctive) of all of them go “It means “dad mode”. That is, tap the remote easily and elegantly until it works again.

We at Lifehacker are just human beings and, like everyone else, tired of technology.Take a senior health editor Beth ScalekiShe shared with me the time she learned how to repair an old car fuse box with a fast-paced kick.Or have a staff writer Stevens johnsonI used to have a beater car that wouldn’t start until I opened the hood and cracked it with a hammer. (Allegedly, he was really impressed with the ability to open the hood and start the car.) Next, there is a resident expert, Senior Technology Editor. Jake PetersonLike you, you often find yourself hitting your remote with frustration.

That’s why old-fashioned violence can be an effective way to get electronic devices back on track.

This is called percussive maintenance and works (maybe)

The idea of ​​hitting the technique is reminiscent of the image of my dad closing his fist and hitting the top of the TV, but there are several reasons for anger. The flashy term for this method is known as “percussive maintenance.”according to TechopediaIn IT, percussive maintenance is “the technique of shaking, hitting, and hitting something to make something work.”

In some cases, the impact on the physical hardware can resolve the malfunction. Therefore, this technique works with battery-powered remote controls and older devices that may be misaligned or corroded.

Again, for battery-powered devices, you can probably get the same effect by rolling the battery at the property or simply removing and replacing it.

Percussive maintenance has a formal sound, but that doesn’t mean that professionals really respect it.many IT professionals understand this approach It’s more emotional than rational. Still, for many electronics … the chances of percussive maintenance working are not zero.

Tap and don’t hit

The secret to percussive maintenance is to be sensitive to the force applied. popular “A good smack can temporarily fix intermittent connections, but it’s dangerous,” he explains. Become an emotional caveman and don’t expect your technique to magically start working again.

This logic is why you should never try percussive maintenance like a smartphone. Your phone does not respond well to rough shocks and risks serious damage to the internal components of the device. please think about it. When was the last time you saw someone calling across the room and aiming to make it work better?

Percussive maintenance is when the appliance has moving parts such as gears (which may be clogged), or loose wires that may temporarily reconnect the circuit after getting a solid tap. May work.

Take out

There is some logic to hit a particular appliance in order to shock it and make it work again. However, the emotional benefits can outweigh the rationality of this approach. In addition, the risk of destroying your device can outweigh the potential rewards of a great Smack. Ultimately, it’s best to leave the true “percussive maintenance” to a specialist.

Can you actually fix your technique by smacking it?

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