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Can supplemental oxygen really help you recover faster from your workout?

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In my experience, anyone who engages in competitive sports of any kind I happily eat, drink, and wear anything that ethically improves my performance.the runner eats A disgusting gel that boosts their energy Spray with lubricant to reduce friction. And I’ve seen soccer players breathe oxygen during matches. A can of pure oxygen at your local CVS and other stores. The claims surrounding these cans of air are compelling. Inhaling pure oxygen increases endurance and energy, reduces recovery time, relieves stress, and even helps with hangovers.

Ithe internet is full rave reviews from those who claim the can of O2 We absolutely deliver all of these. But we live in a superficial age populated by “influencers” who are happy to promote their products.LeiboeThe effects are powerful. To figure out if a can of oxygen eases a workout, a stressful day, or a hangover, we turn to an old friend. Science.

Does supplemental oxygen speed recovery?

The first thing to know about all this is if you are healthy, Your body is always getting as much oxygen as it needs.of About 21% of the air we breathe airand at rest, Your red blood cells will be somewhere between 95-99%. The oxygen saturation range is just inhaling it. Since it cannot exceed 100%, When it comes to blood oxygen saturation, most of us do pretty well just sitting on our butts. You don’t need fancy pure oxygen to achieve these numbers.

The theory about supplemental oxygen is that when you give your best, your body starts burning that oxygen and your blood…Oxygen levels drop. And this is true! This is why when you do something that requires exercise, you breathe harder to take in more oxygen. So the idea that a can of oxygen can help you hold your breath and perform harder and longer seems scanned.

other than that science is No evidence found for this. the study Using supplemental oxygen does not improve performance or significantly reduce recovery time. I believe you can catch it faster.2but in fact, It’s probably multi-million dollar lungs and hearts, not auxiliary gases.

About condition

The real key here is whether your body is 99% rocking. Blood oxygen in the first place, can you even do that? use Extra Oxygen You’re Inhaling? Probably not.

So what about the mental sharpness, hangover relief, and other claims about the benefits of supplemental oxygen? Mostly hot air. A hangover, for example, is due to dehydration, glowing red while a poor liver does its job of removing toxins from the body. It has nothing to do with blood.oxygen level. Even if it was, even if you woke up with a hangover like someone dropped it from a skyscraper the night before, Almost certainly 95% or more You’ll run out of oxygen in your blood and won’t get any more benefit from it.

In short, whatever people claim that extra oxygen helps, it probably doesn’t for the simple reason that your body already has all the oxygen it needs.

One last thing: short bursts of pure oxygen are perfectly safe. Breathing pure oxygen for long periods of time (to be clear, we’re talking hours) can lead to a condition with scary names like “shock lung,” so don’t do it. Just plug in a can of gas and smoke it all day long. In other words, don’t overdo it.

Can supplemental oxygen really help you recover faster from your workout?

Source link Can supplemental oxygen really help you recover faster from your workout?

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