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Can listening to music really make your baby smarter?

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The music is great, and when you sing to them, you love babies. But does that mean that if you play Mozart as your baby grows up, your baby will grow smarter or reach milestones faster? not really.

Does classical music make babies and children smarter?

The idea that music makes children smarter is ultimately 1993 study After asking college students about Mozart’s sonatas and meditation tapes, I had to imagine cutting a folded piece of paper. Those who heard Mozart were slightly better than others. The authors said they expect it to be ineffective after 10 to 15 minutes.

This research began with popular media and gradually changed to the idea that classical music makes people, especially children, smarter. A A study of newspaper citations in 2005 The 1993 study was cited ten times more often than comparable scientific studies of the time, and its fame grew rather than diminished over the years as legislators and popular books continued to bring it up. I found out that I did.

Is the “Mozart effect” true?

This so-called “Mozart effect” has not even been studied by children. Researchers have studied every variation of the effect, examined the effects of other types of music, and even played Mozart for rats in utero. They did not discover the powerful intelligence-enhancing effect of listening to classical music, and several groups of scientists tried to reproduce the original study, but did not always get the same results.Studies have shown that young children take music lessons and later test successfully, but this is not the original idea. listening For music that enhances intelligence.

The author of that 2005 analysis found that the idea of ​​the Mozart effect became really popular (even if not studied in those populations) and education only after people started talking about it in babies and toddlers. The state with the lowest spending on and the lowest test score. In other words, it may have been fascinating to think of a classical music CD as a shortcut to a child’s academic success in the face of systematic educational problems. Don’t worry that it wasn’t really true.

Does music bring social and emotional benefits to babies?

Music is an interesting and useful part of how a baby interacts with a caregiver, but here the caregiver is more important than the music.baby Can be recognized Familiar songs and family voices from an early age.

Music is also an opportunity to experience emotions with your baby, such as smiling and dancing with your baby when playing a happy song, or using a soothing song like a lullaby in a quiet time. Will give you.

Does music have physical and sensory benefits for babies?

Babies and toddlers may be too young to play music in the sense of taking musical instrument lessons, but they can definitely move and make noise with simple musical instruments. If you shake the maracas or follow along with a song or nursery rhyme (think of it as a “little spider”), Practice different types of movements And see how their actions affect the real world.These movement skills An important part of baby development..

There are studies suggesting that toddler music classes can help babies learn some of the same skills that help them handle language, but keep in mind that music classes are busy, fun and interactive. .. Children bounce to music, play with toys, and react to seeing teachers and parents doing something. Not only do the notes reach your ears, but much more is happening.

How to add music to your baby’s life

By the time the child was born, the topic of the Mozart effect had subsided, but I always remember coming across “Baby Einstein” brand toys and videos.The company is keen on the idea that classical music will make your child smarter, and ultimately Withdraw some educational claims and refund parents..

It looks ridiculous nowFrom the 1990s to the early 2000s, the idea that music made your child smarter was inevitable. Not only does it ease the fear of children and education in general (children are okay if they play enough classical music), but one of the mythological inspirations is that playing classical music for babies is easy and cheap. I’m confident. Mozart died 200 years ago, so his music is in the public domain. Slam his little stuff into a video of random toys and objects, and boom, you have a product that sells. (Not a joke: check out some real Baby Einstein Video.. They are bad. )

Therefore, if you want to introduce music to your child, forget to find the “best” genre or composer. Sing to them and dance with themPlay your own favorite music (Professional Tip: They don’t understand the words yet, so you can really play everything), And let them make some noise of their own.

Can listening to music really make your baby smarter?

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