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Calgary City Starts Beekeeping Application

Calgarians who already have bees need to license the colony.

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Beekeeping is the next urban farming opportunity for Calgarian people, and the city will begin applying for a license to keep bee colonies within Calgary’s limits.

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The city of Calgary has launched an urban livestock program that regulates beekeeping under the updated Responsible Pet Ownership Ordinance. The program has expanded pet ownership in the city and now includes several non-traditional animals, including the recent launch of the Urban Chicken Program and announcements about pigeon breeding this spring.

“Beekeeping is becoming an increasingly popular hobby in Calgary,” Jennifer Roller, Strategic Service Leader for Calgary Community Standards, said in a news release.

“The City of Calgary wants beekeeping to remain a safe pastime, and licensing regulations ensure that new beekeepers are properly trained and adhere to generally accepted beekeeping practices that prevent potential community problems. It is guaranteed to do. “

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This program requires the owner to complete proper beekeeping training or mentoring or to prove that he was a beekeeper in Calgary before January 1, 2022. Calgary people who already have bees need to license the colony.

All Alberta beekeepers also need to register with the state for free.

Ambitious beekeepers must own the property in which the colony is stored or provide proof of consent by the property owner. Similarly, housing must match the approved one and the city must be notified of the colonial relocation.

The advantage of beekeeping is honey. However, urban beekeepers must comply with all levels of government law regarding the distribution or sale of collected honey.

According to the city, they designed the program using expert care guidelines and built it like any other Canadian city where the beekeeping program was successful.

For more information on the Urbanby Licensing Program and updated Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaws, please visit the Calgary City website Calgary.ca/pets.

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Calgary City Starts Beekeeping Application

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