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Buy Meta Oculus Quest 2 Now Before Price Jumps $ 100

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If you are waffle that’s all It’s time to decide whether to buy the Meta Quest 2 VR system: Meta announced yesterday that the price of Quest 2 will rise by $ 100 in August. 1.1. this means Faced with just five days to break a credit card or unnecessarily give Mark Zuckerberg another $ 100. Throw into an incinerator Build the future of the Metaverse..

The 128GB Quest 2 goes from $ 299 to $ 399, but the 256GB model costsJump From $ 399 to $ 499.The company justified hiking by saying it was necessary, “To continue investing in moving the VR industry forward in the long run.”

At first it’s a staggering more than 30% price increase for tech products two years ago, but in the context of Meta’s recent issues and the company’s upcoming next-generation VR gear, it’s (a little) more meaningful. there is. Meta / Facebook recently hit a tough patch. The company’s share price has fallen to half its previous value since 2021. that Probably lost a lot Billions With one policy change by Apple, it looks like a company. Have That decision Grant day VR industry by producing Horrifying Affordable headsets are over.

All of Meta’s next VR system, “Project Cambria”

Meta hasn’t announced the price, release date, or full details of the next VR system (codenamed “Project Cambria”), but has been steadily dropping information over the past few months.

On the April 27 investor phone call Mark Zuckerberg said the company’s next-generation VR headset is coming soon and has some serious ambitions. “Later this year, we’ll release a high-end headset, codenamed Project Cambria, which will focus on work use cases and eventually replace laptops and work setups,” Zuckerberg said. Mr. said. “This premium device improves ergonomics and full-color pass-through mixed reality, seamlessly blending virtual reality with the real world.”

Official meta account posted Video showing off a sophisticated new headset Back in May, and Also shared by Mark ZuckerbergEdit Facebook clip A figure of myself rocking a (strictly censored) Project Cambria headset.

If it looks and sounds expensive Like a vague second layer episode Black mirror.. Internet source “Project Cambria” will be released in September and is estimated to be retailed for “$ 799 and above.” If this is accurate, raising the price of Quest 2 may make sense from a consumer psychology perspective: SIt seems wild to me to hold $ 800 for the new when you can get the old, almost as good as just $ 300...But upgrade to $ 800 device When the old one already costs me Seems to be $ 400 Wiseer. Relatively.

Someone actually puts on his laptop I haven’t seen work-based VR yet — to me this technology Cut off a person’s head with a sword When Watching porn.. BIn any case, it benefits both sides for consumers. I want a VR device that fully fulfills its tech promise, but if Meta doesn’t work, at least you can enjoy watching Mark Zuckerberg fail.

Buy Meta Oculus Quest 2 Now Before Price Jumps $ 100

Source link Buy Meta Oculus Quest 2 Now Before Price Jumps $ 100

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