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Bring these shortcake fixtures with you when you go strawberry picking

An image of an article titled Bringing These Shortcake Fixtures When You Go Apple Picking Bringing these shortcake fixes when going berry hunting

Photo: Claire Lower

Once a year, I go strawberry picking with my friend Amanda. (You may know Amanda; she writes about Pickles When party.. It may not seem fun to sit down, search all over the leaves, look for the perfect, bright red berries and feel itchy, but it’s meditative and you can enjoy chatting with your friends. is. Most of the time I enjoy the rewards.It’s not the berry flat we load in the car, but it’s a As a reward, a strawberry shortcake as a substitute to eat after we work hard.

Shortcakes are simple, not really shortcakes. An angel food cake purchased at the store, topped with freshly picked berries and canister whipped cream. I can’t trust this midsummer genius stroke because all the ideas are from Amanda, but I’m contributing. I serve cakes and cream, and Amanda brings a small paper boat and cutlery. We maximize our abilities to dust the berries, then make desserts and eat when the sun begins to set behind the trees. This is a great way to highlight your berry picking experience and costs less than $ 10.

Of course, you can also use this operation with other berries. You can use raspberry picking or blackberry picking. (Blackberries are usually less idyllic because they love to grow in vacant lots and on the side of the road.) Also suitable for peaches (just bring a pocket knife).

You can also branch off from cakes and creams and adjust your jewelery to suit all types of produce-picking. Bring a small cheese plate to enjoy with freshly picked apples and pears, or if you’re a tomato freak picking tomatoes, grab a few small ones and eat them with a small siriedin and balsamic splash. , You can bring a cutting board, a mayo squeeze bottle, a white sandwich bread bag for outdoor tomato sandwiches (this is a move for me).

Bring these shortcake fixtures with you when you go strawberry picking

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