Beware of the latest Android malware on Google Play

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Android users pay attention: New malware appears in the Google Play store and it comes for your data.

This new malware, called “Facestealer”, can steal personal information On the phone, force fake logins to hijack social media passwords and blow up your device with intrusive ads.

SDoctor Web Anti-Virus ecurity researcher First discovered Face stealer Lurking With 10 Android apps in July 2021 But the latest batch of dubious downloads It included 200 malicious apps, almost all of which were available for weeks on the Google Play store and other third-party marketplaces.

While there is a problem The apps come from different categories, the most common of which are:

  • Fake VPN service
  • Camera and photo editing app
  • And, of course, cryptocurrency related apps.

The fake crypto app was seeded with additional malware that could steal a user’s wallet key.

All 200 apps Removed from Google Play and other download sources. However, many of these apps were able to get thousands of downloads in the weeks that they became available. Of course, the user did not knowingly download the malware. Apps often look legal on the surface, Include all advertised features, or RIP Remove the look and design of other apps to make them look real.

These apps can even fool Google. Google Play has built-in anti-malware that scans all apps uploaded to the service, but malicious app developers have devised advanced ways to hide malicious intent... So while Google’s scan makes everything clear, what’s hidden in the code is a simple command to install a hidden malware payload or quietly download it from an external server in the background. ((((This is another infamous Android method Malware like Joker When Oct also works.. )

WGoogle may eventually catch up with these tricks, but they are often responsive rather than preventative.This means that new infection methods are always emerging and can take weeks to discuss... This is a major flaw in Google and Android security measures. It cannot be fixed overnight.

However, it is not impossible to circumvent Android malware. You need to be careful about what you download so that you can proactively find the problematic app.

How to avoid Android malware

We’ve covered many of the obvious signs of malicious apps so far. This includes, but is not limited to, apps.

  • Request excessive and irrelevant app permissions. For example, a VPN doesn’t need access to a camera.
  • Requires “additional software” installation or attempts to sideload additional apps.
  • Spam you with ads.
  • Suddenly request payment information to continue using the free feature (especially if the feature is available for free from other apps or already built into your device).
  • An obvious lip-off for other popular apps.
  • Only available in sketchy or unknown third party stores.

Obviously, not all fake apps trip warning signs. This is part of the reason they are so common. Therefore, always check the reviews first. And i mean TRUE Please read the review. Don’t check the app’s star rating or skim the highest rating feedback. If you find that you have a lot of 1-star reviews that complain of dubious behavior and poor quality Also The only review is a 5-star review without much information, which is probably a fake.

Also, if you have any doubts, please do not download.And if you conduct Download something later It turns out to be a dubious scam or a complete scam, remove it, leave a review to warn others and report the app to Google.


Beware of the latest Android malware on Google Play

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