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best week to buy a new house

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So far, 2022 has been a tough year for homebuyers. Due to the shortage of available housing, the prices of homes on the market have skyrocketed. Even traditionally affordable cities and regions have become unaffordable for many. August median list price $435,000, an increase of 14%. From August 2021.

Homebuyers took another hit this spring when mortgage rates rose. But the good news is that the tide seems to be changing (albeit slowly).For example, the number of homes sold is 87.3% up in August Compared to what was available at the beginning of 2022.

We use these and other data to: Analyst at Realtor.com We identified what they thought would be the best week of the year to buy a new home. Here’s what you should know:

Best Weeks of 2022 to Buy a New Home

People looking to buy a home today are likely to find the best options and prices during the week from Sept. 25 to Oct. 1, one research firm said. Report from Realtor.com.

“Normally early fall is the time when there are few buyers. The company’s economic data analyst explained in a statement. “We also have more homes on the market and the housing market is generally calming down from the summer rush.”

Specifically, homes for sale during this time have traditionally increased by about 8.4%, and property prices typically average about $20,000 less than normal.

This week’s highlights

So how did that property site land that week? We looked at data such as numbers, days on the market, property views on Realtor.com, and price reductions. (2020 figures were excluded due to the extreme disruption to the housing market caused in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.)

best week to buy a new house

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