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best way to grill corn

Image from the article titled The Best Way to Grill That Last Bite of Summer Corn

Haters will tell you that grilling season is coming to an end, but fall is actually my favorite time to grill. It’s corn season, teeth That means that last bit of that year’s sweet corn needs to be grilled before it disappears.

As you may know, I love corn, eat raw, is not only legal, it is also delicious. Grilling is probably my favorite when it comes to cooked recipes, but people can get a little weird and precious with it.Squeeze how to “prepare” corn for grilling. Do you keep the shell on? Wrap in foil?Do you understand For real Precious and soak it or salt it? Luckily the best way is the easiest. Simply toss the bare cob directly over hot coals or flames.

Doing so actually transfers heat to the kernels and develops that “baked” flavor.As Meathead Goldwyn points out his article on the subjectsalting and wrapping alone does not make for true grilled corn, steamed corn:

Boil, microwave, and steam for soft, juicy corn. But grilled corn is more flavorful. Yes it’s a little chewy but I don’t mind. Grilling caramelizes the sugars, giving them a depth of flavor that cannot be achieved in any other way. And when I’m talking about roasting corn, I’m not talking about the common practice of soaking the corn, the husk, and everything in water and then baking it in the husk. This is steamed corn, not baked corn.

Plus, if your grill is hot enough, it doesn’t take long to develop a charred, caramelized flavor. slim.

For the best roasted corn, heat the grill to medium-high between 375°F and 425°F. Remove all shells and stringy silk and rinse the ears with cold water. Place the corn on the grate so that the cob is parallel to the grate (easier to roll). Grill until the grains are fragrant, Take the amount of color you want.Like meatheads, they can be brushed with herb-infused butter here, If you’d like. Continue rolling around the grate, closing the lid for a few minutes at a time, until the corn is golden brown. Enjoy with butter and salt.

best way to grill corn

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