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Best way to freeze individual pieces of shredded chicken

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Let me start by saying: I make about four things for a supper. With three kids under the age of 10, don’t tinker with experiments, delicious-sounding curry lentil soup, or new and entertaining flavors. To learn the lesson, I had to repeatedly reject the “fun recipes” I wanted to try, such as Middle Eastern shrimp kebabs and absolutely bomb butter chicken. After about 100 “this is awkward”, the once adventurous culinary bones I had on my body leave the building and remain up to the little Cheez-.And the dinosaur Nagy lovers I live in no longer gag when faced with new food that tastes great.

That said, one of these four (very repetitive) meals is chicken quesadillas. I made these every week and chopped the leftover chicken every week. I put the chicken in Tupperware and slowly rotten it in the refrigerator. I was so guilty that I couldn’t put it completely in the trash. (Also, despite the evidence of opposition, I want to reuse the shredded chicken elsewhere. The power of delusion is strong.)

This happens almost every time I buy shredded chicken (or strip meat from rotisserie chicken, which is cost-effective and abundant, but drowns me out).

So this trick, from Lifehacker Leader u / knowon else, I’m entering my life at just the right time. Well, actually one day late, I ran the Chicken in the Gavage Toss / Self-Flaging Routine every week last night, but it’s still a great moment to continue this lesson.

Take the remaining rotisserie chicken or pre-packaged shredded chicken and scoop it into a cup of muffin tin to freeze. If it freezes, dump it Those little Part Freezer bag for later use. In this way, you can thaw the chicken little by little to prevent a large amount of thawing. It can lead to further waste and corruption. (This is especially useful when buying large quantities of hand-pulled rotisserie chicken. Costco like this.. ) Add these small thawed pieces to chicken salad, chicken pot pie, chicken soup, and next week’s Kesadilla. A recipe that requires shredded or rotisserie chicken.

Enough you need to pull this off Your freezer room for muffin tins, and the spirit Remember you frozen it in the first place.

Best way to freeze individual pieces of shredded chicken

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