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Best over-the-counter drugs for scumite

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You may have heardtilt your headthe informal name for cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome: a condition that causes uncontrolled vomiting after long-term marijuana use. slate“It’s a rare condition that only develops with long-term, daily use of marijuana. A nonuser doesn’t become ‘addicted’ just by going outside and smoking marijuana once.”

Symptoms of scumite

Symptoms are two-phaseFirst, a person may experience heartburn, nausea, stomach pain, and/or burping. This is why the term “scrotal spasm” has been coined.A portmanteau of the words “shout” and “vomit”.

blueOver-the-counter drugs it helps with scumite

long the term, The only cure for scrotum to stop using marijuana.Because scrotum formation is caused by chronic use and it takes time for marijuana to completely leave the body, it may take weeks or months before the patient begins to feel it. relief.But as a science writer Laurel Hamer will report in ASBMB todaythere are several over-the-counter remedies that appear to offer short-term relief.

The first remedy is a hot shower. Anecdotally, compulsive bathing appears to be one of the symptoms associated with scrotum. S.Waiting all day in a hot bath or shower won’t exactly help you get back to your daily routine., So emergency toxicologist Jeff Lapointe I decided to try capsaicin cream As a potential treatment for the scrotumwidely available in of counter.

As Lapointe explained ASBMB today, he decided to try capsaicin cream. This is based on the premonition that the relaxation we get from a hot bath is due to the activation of our body’s receptors. called TRPV1, which senses heat. Since capsaicin cream also activates TRPV1, we thought it was worth a try and decided to try it in ER patients. suffering from the condition. of the attempt It was successful, with significant symptom relief within 30 minutes.

as a point report At the 2014 North American Society of Clinical Toxicology, capsaicin cream applied to the abdomen significantly reduced seven patients suffering from scrotum formation, with symptoms resolved within 30 minutes. Researchers at the University of Virginia are currently testing capsaicin cream as a treatment for scrotitis. clinical trialsand expect immediate results. As Lapointe said ASBMB today“Getting an over-the-counter drug that someone can take home and work with” is a major breakthrough.

Best over-the-counter drugs for scumite

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