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Best new reminders for iOS 16

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in the meantime Apple Notes has become the default note-taking app for most iPhone users. Reminder app Often overlooked..But over the last few years, reminders have been grouped, natural language input, and Smart list..When iOS 16Apple builds on these features, making reminders easier to use, fixing years of hassle, and making it easier to find the most frequently used features.

Pin the list to the top

Image of article titled Best New Reminder Feature in iOS 16

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If you use reminders often, the biggest problem may be finding the list you created. With the new update for iOS 16, you can now pin any list to the top section (previously only the default category was found). Swipe the list to the right and[ピン]Tap to add the list to the top section. again,[編集]You can also go to the section and remove the lists you don’t use often (for example, “flagged”) to give yourself more space for your own list.

View all completed tasks together in a smart list

The town has a new smart list, which is called “done”. It is in the top list and displays a list of all completed tasks from all lists.

Use rich text for notes

Reminder[メモ]Rich text functionality has been added to the section. This means that you can convert text quickly.Bold, underlined, or strikethrough. You can also create bullets in the notes section.

Save and reuse templates

I’ve found a lot of templates for apps like Notion online and can now do the same for reminder lists. Once you’ve created a list, you can turn it into a template.This feature It helps you reuse the preferences of various routines, and you can publish your template with a unique link.Tap menu Click the button and click “Save as template“let’s start doing.

Organize your morning, afternoon and evening schedules

New reminder updates split tasks based on date and time. Therefore, when you open the Today list, you’ll see different sections for morning, afternoon, and tonight. Schedule lists are categorized by day and month for long-term schedules.

You can include today’s items in your badge

The Reminder app had a strange habit that Apple fixed it in the settings. By default, Reminders do not include items due today in the number of notification badges. b bBecause of Apple, they are not “delinquent.” However, if you use the To Do app to keep track of your daily tasks, lack of badges can reduce your productivity. You can now go to the following URL and fix this: setting >> >> reminder >> >> Include today’s day..

Best new reminders for iOS 16

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