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“Beautifully updated” and other real estate jargon with hidden meaning

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When someone puts their home on the market (and enlists) With the help of another person whose sole job is to sell the house), it makes sense for them to market it in the best possible light. This inevitably leads to a lot of decoration through the coded language that most of us are now familiar with.

Certainly at homeGood bone“When Main bedroom It means “introducing a sophisticated character,” but what does this fantasy jargon really mean? If you’ve read a list of homes and apartments and feel crazy about some languages, you’re not the first, not the last. Here we will disassemble it.

List of houses and apartments How to translate a language

comfortable: Don’t worry about the life that overlaps with the cramped space.

Cottage style: See above.

Rough diamond: This house is in an unpopular neighborhood.

Good bone: There is a possibility in this house, but you have to pay by nose to get there.

Custom build: This house has a lot of bespoke personalized details that perfectly suit the tastes of the previous owner. yours?Perhaps Not so many.

Well-maintained: This house doesn’t have many great features worth mentioning, so I’m saying this instead. (OK, OK, there may be new roofs and windows.)

Preparation for moving in: Again, I don’t talk much else, but at least I’m ready to move on.

Simple: Are you cool in living that 1800s grassland life? cool. Do we have a house for you?

Original details: This old fashioned I need some at home work.

Vintage: I’m obsolete at 1,000, Alex. (Sorry, Ken and Mame, it’s always Alex.)

Beautifully updated: To get to the refurbished interior, you may need to ignore the old-looking exterior.

Low maintenance yard: This garden is either stamp-sized or unlandscaped.

One and only: There is something strange in this house that makes many people uncomfortable.

Selling price: You should remove this property as soon as possible for reasons of concern. Someone remove it from our hands.

Oasis from the hustle and bustle: This house is an isolated AF. Only come here if you are willing to drive 12 miles to your nearest grocery store.

Unique appearance: Most people find the aesthetics of this house strange.

Sold as it is: There are definitely some things you don’t like about this house, but the seller doesn’t take care of them before you move.

Big potential investment: This is a hard mode fixer upper.It Maybe … Works for you, but only if you don’t mind investing Project time, money, sanity.. You are likely to spend a fair amount of money on all of them.

Close to transportation: There may (or may not) be a railroad track that runs through your backyard. Further investigation is needed.

Greater than it looks: Do you think this house looks small? you are right. is.

Great starter home: This is the place to live until you can afford a better one.

This house won’t last long! : We have been trying to unload this for months. Respond to our horrifying tactics.

Requires some TLC: Cosmetic refurbishment may be required. Intestinal repair may be required. In any case, please open your wallet.

“Beautifully updated” and other real estate jargon with hidden meaning

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