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Bail examination hearing of Tamara Lich, the organizer of “Freedom Convoy”

The bail review was initially planned to challenge bail conditions that would limit access to social media accounts by “Freedom Convoy” organizers.

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In Thursday’s Freedom Convoy Leader Tamara Rich’s bail review, an unexpectedly enthusiastic exchange between judges and prosecutors led Crown to revoke Rich’s bail and attempt to detain her for violating release conditions. There was a risk of upsetting the hearing that he was there.

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Lich appeared on the first day of the two-day session with a video link from his home in Alberta. She received this year’s award from the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedom, a legal advocate and supporter of the “Freedom Convoy”, when she occupied the streets of downtown Ottawa for three weeks in court. He said he was “honored” for what he had done.

However, Lich denied that accepting the award would be a breach of bail terms.

“I was asked to receive the award,” Rich said in his testimony. “I said so, I would be honored.”

Prosecutor Moise Karimsey was returned to prison this week because Rich agreed to accept the award awarded in Toronto on June 16th, “continuing to support the cause of the convoy.” He insisted that he should be and submitted the application. Gala featuring keynote speaker Rex Murphy.

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Lich is currently banned from entering Ontario as part of his release terms.

Rich and fellow protesters Chris Barber have been jointly charged with mischief, interfering with police and advising others to mischief and intimidate.

She was arrested on February 17 and initially denied bail, but the decision was overturned on March 7, and under the supervision of a guarantor, a list of conditions including a ban on social media and widespread order. I was ordered to return home with him. Rich is forbidden to support “things related to Freedom Convoy”.

A poster promoting the JCCF event was on display on Thursday, but as Rich’s lawyer Lawrence Greenspon pointed out, there is no sign of Rich’s attendance in Toronto.

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Lich was pressured by Karimsey for her pending acceptance of an award equivalent to her continued support for the purpose of “Freedom Convoy”.

“I think so,” she replied. “But I don’t think this is a breach. I feel that this perception is not a breach, as it encourages Canadians to urge the government to uphold the rule of law and the Charter of Rights and Freedom. I think.”

Thursday’s bail review was originally scheduled for Greenspond to challenge the bail terms that restrict Rich from accessing social media accounts.

Greenspon said the conditions were overly broad and restrictive, equivalent to a complete “expulsion.”

However, these discussions were quickly staged by rare fireworks in court, usually between mild-mannered Karimsey and presiding judge Kevin Phillips.

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The morning session began with a long debate about whether Philips could actually proceed with the hearing in a higher court. A similar jurisdiction debate had already been heard in a previous session by Judge Julian Perfett, and Phillips returned after a break with a decision in favor of Parfet’s decision.

When Karimsey made an exception to a series of questions from Greenspon, the temperature rose slightly. “We will challenge the integrity of this crown,” Karimsey said.

Greenspon asked Sergeant Ottawa Police. Why didn’t Mahad Hassan prosecute Rich for violating her terms when police had already established those grounds?

Karimjee resented the proposal that police postponed the charges until the bail examination was over so that the prosecutor could ask Lich questions.

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The prosecutor again makes an exception when Phillips rejects his request to submit a March 28 email as an exhibition from the JCCF Awards Committee announcing that she will be the winner of the “Freedom Award”. I took.

Rich read the email aloud into court records, and the judge actively urged the prosecutor to move on.

Frustration arose during the afternoon session after the judge made critical comments about Karimsey’s “attitude.”

“I’m doing my job,” Karimsey counterattacked. “And when (the defense counsel) disagrees with the question before I answer the question, when the email has not been submitted … when it is allowed to introduce this as evidence, it is my duty. And your honor made some comments in progress … “

Phillips intervened at that point and hurriedly asked Karimsey to proceed with the cross-examination of Lich, who remained quiet while observing the exchange.

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“I don’t want to engage in this. Keep the cross,” said the judge.

However, the oral sparring match continued as Karimsey raised the possibility of filing a “suspicious application” and mentioned several clashes between the prosecutor and the judge throughout the day.

“I’m not going to stay silent when I think something is wrong,” Karimsey said.

“Do you have any questions for the witnesses?” Phillips calmly replied.

“I’m asking your honor to give up on yourself,” Karimsey said.

“The request was rejected,” Phillips replied flatly.

The hearing will continue on Friday.



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Bail examination hearing of Tamara Lich, the organizer of “Freedom Convoy”

Source link Bail examination hearing of Tamara Lich, the organizer of “Freedom Convoy”

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