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Avoid wearing these fabrics in the heat (and what to wear instead)

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It’s only been a few weeks since the official start of summer, but temperatures across the country have already skyrocketed. Sweating is perfectly normal and important for controlling body temperature, but arriving at work with your shirt already soaked on your morning commute doesn’t look good to everyone.But more importantlyHaving to spend the day in damp, sweaty clothes is very unpleasant.

There are no materials that prevent sweating, but there are some that are good at treating excess water. DDifferent situations require different types of clothing (and fabrics), and today Instead of exercising (indoors or outdoors), hiking, or spending the day on the beach, we change clothes for activities such as commuting, working indoors, doing errands, and socializing. Focus on it. (this Posted by REI We provide the best fabric recommendations for outdoor activities in hot weather. )

Here are some examples of fabrics to avoid wearing in the heat of summer and some examples of fabrics to wear instead.

Fabric to avoid wearing in summer

These materials are of excellent quality, but comfort in hot weather is not one of them.

  • polyester: Polyester has improved over the years, but it still repels moisture, leaves it on the skin, and sweats.And absolutely avoid whatever you do Thicker, completely non-breathable A type commonly used in the 1950s and 1970s.
  • Rayon: Natural cellulose, made from wood or bamboo pulp (or similar material) and manufactured with chemicals, Most shapes of rayon Repels moisture and sweats. However, some blends (such as rayon linen) are suitable for hot weather, so check the label.
  • acrylic: A A more affordable version of synthetic woolthat It traps heat between the fabric and the skin.
  • Nylon: Designed to repel water, it’s okay to exercise, but it’s still odorous, can cause rubbing, and is completely non-breathable, so nylon Not a good option For everyday wear.
  • freeze: Another composition, Fabric for cold regions Designed to keep you warm.
  • satin: Smooth Not breathable..
  • leather: It’s thick, doesn’t breathe, and makes you Unpleasantly warm.. This includes “vegan leather” (also known as vinyl).
  • Traditional wool: Not a new lightweight version of wool. We are talking about a heavy and itchy type of wool that gets even heavier when wet.

The perfect fabric to wear in the summer

Everyone has a taste, but in most cases these are fabrics that experts agree to be the best option for the summer.

  • cotton: Breathable, wicking, lightweight, comfortable, it’s Summer favorites There is a reason.
  • linen: Natural open weave Keeps you cool and absorbs moisture. In addition, it is more durable than cotton and has a better structure so it won’t cling to your body on hot days.
  • Jersey: this is Breathability and drape over Your body (rather than clinging). 100% cotton jersey is best, but you can also use a blend of wool and cotton synthetic fibers.
  • Chambray:lightweight Denim-Alternative Made of high quality cotton with a large number of threads.
  • Merino wool: Soft, lightweight, breathable, Allows moisture to escape..
  • silk: It is recommended to make it smooth and lightweight, but please wear it with caution. It gets hot enough to sweat, it Prone to packers and stains..

Again, the best fabrics for summer depend heavily on what you are doing when you are wearing clothes made from them.In other words, if you know that one day you will be particularly active, you will need to take a different approach than dressing for the day you are sitting in the office or On the patio.

Avoid wearing these fabrics in the heat (and what to wear instead)

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