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Avoid these “fee fraud” apps on Android

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Older android phones are known Security risk, but recently Survey by Microsoft’s 365Defender Research Team Shows how vulnerable the Old device It is vulnerable to a serious malware called “Tall fraud”.

Paid fraudulent malware is hidden in apps that look normal and quietly enroll users with premium subscription services via the user’s phone service. We’re not talking about the secret Netflix submarine here. Instead, victims sign up for useless services that can cost hundreds of dollars or more each year.

According to Microsoft research, devices running Android 9 and earlier are at greatest risk Such an attack, but we saw Similar exploitss also affects newer versions of Android..To make matters worse, hackers are constantly changing the mechanics of these attacks, allowing malicious attacks. App to Avoid Google Play security measures. in short, Currently, there may be a large number of paid fraudulent apps hidden in the list on the Google Play store (along with other types of malware). Why it’s important for all Android users to know how to identify a problem before it happens.

What is a charge fraud?

Microsoft has a comprehensive breakdown It’s an explanation of how toll fraud works, but a typical attack occurs in three stages.

First, users download seemingly secure apps from Google Play or third-party app distributors. Once the app is installed, it is usually updated with new malicious code that flags Google Play security checks.

Once updated, the app will perform the second phase of the attack. It includes several different steps, such as fake login pages and signing up for unwanted services using Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). ((((WAP is a legitimate tool that apps use to enroll users with services via phone services, rather than payment cards or other billing options. But they are obviously vulnerable to abuse.. )

WAP requires a cellular connection, so rogue apps often wait for infected devices to use wireless data instead of Wi-Fi connections. In some cases, even if a wifi connection is available, these apps will force your phone to connect to your cellular data.

In the final part of the attack, the app intercepts and blocks SMS confirmations. The message you normally receive after you have legally signed up for the WAP service. I don’t know anything wrong until yCheck your phone invoice to see any unexpected transactions.

How to prevent paid fraudulent malware attacks

Such toll attacks are very difficult to catch because they occur quietly in the background. Microsoft’s research team has outlined how Google can enhance security to prevent charge fraud and similar forms of malware, but there are several ways users can prevent these attacks themselves.

Obviously the most important thing Keep your device up to date with the latest version of Android And all security patches. As mentioned earlier, devices running Android 9 and earlier are at greatest risk.If possible, please update to Android 10 or later Install the latest available security patches.

Of course, updating to a newer version of Android is not possible on all devices. Buying a new phone to replace the old one may be neither.. In addition, wEve Similar attacks have been seen in newer versions of Android. “Joker “ Malware; that’s too Possibility (certainly likely) New forms of rate fraud may target new Android phones in the future.

So you should everytime Examine the app thoroughly before downloading..Read reviews (not only high ratings but also low ratings) and investigate Download the app online and only from trusted sources. Similarly, Reliable anti-malware app You may be able to Intercept the rough app and then allow it to do something.

That said, many dubious appsLook legally, that’s why you still need to look For danger signals After installing the app. The general characteristics of malicious apps and Trojan horses are:

  • A seemingly random login page Link your social media or email account.
  • Unnecessary app permissions.
  • Request to install additional software or updates not provided by the Google Play Store.

This isn’t a complete list, but it’s a common indicator of insecure apps.Please be sure to check Our guide upon Discover other types of internet scams When Malware for other tips..

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Avoid these “fee fraud” apps on Android

Source link Avoid these “fee fraud” apps on Android

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