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Avoid these common gardening mistakes

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The overall idea that certain people with a “green thumb” are naturally better at growing plants than others, sounds like gardening is more about luck than skill.However, anyone who tried to start an armed garden with only the information obtained in the elementary school science class I can tell you, it’s far from the truth.

There is more to plant growth and care than most people understand. So many beginners make the same first mistake before learning what’s wrong and how to fix it. Here are some of the most common gardening mistakes, to Avoid repeating them.

Ignore the soil

Whether you’re growing potted plants indoors or starting a vegetable garden in your backyard Type of soil used It is important. For those who live indoors, it’s a matter of buying the right type of compost for your plant. But if you plan to plant seeds or seedlings on the actual ground, at least,Test the pH level of the soil Adjust from there based on what is growing.

Wrong place

Whether you buy seeds or saplings Specific conditions Plants need to grow and prosper.. These usually include whether the plant requires full or partial sunlight, the minimum temperature required to survive, and other climate-related information. Don’t ignore these instructions and try to make it a wing, even if that means switching your landscape planning.


If you’re a fan of that lush, dense look of multiple types of flowers of different colors growing at different heights in the same place, give the illusion that it’s a patch of wild flowers. , You may want to plant The flowers are quite close.

And visually, it may produce the look you want (at first, at least),plant I don’t like living in a crowded placeAnd at some point, more dominant plants will begin to occupy the area. Instead, read the plant growth instructions to find out the amount of space it needs and try to give them it.

Avoid these common gardening mistakes

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