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Are you too young to run a marathon?

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Recently, Kentucky families have found themselves at the center of the debate about allowing them. 6-year-old boy participating in the Flying Pig Marathon Last Saturday in Cincinnati. Many were postponed because young children ran so long distances and wondered if they were healthy and safe. Before jumping to the conclusion, let’s see what science is saying.

To find the answer, I first discussed Physical activity guidelines for Americans Released from USA Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.according to it guidance, Recommended to run as an activity For children 6 years that’s all. Not only does this activity help children build an aerobic base, It also acts as a bone-Strengthening measures. They encourage children and adolescents to exercise one hour a day. This may also include muscle strengthening activities.Execution is not that’s all activity Recommended by HHS. Other aerobic-based activities include skipping rope, swimming, and cycling. For muscle-building activities, we recommend unstructured activities such as playing with playsets and climbing trees. Basketball, tennis and hopscotch are recommended for bone-building activities.

OK, yes Yes, kids can reveal Run.But should do it Is running like that length distance? It depends on the child. Dr. William Olovarts, University of Minnesota Farren Village Clinic Explain the distance-Running for children is acceptable as long as they follow an acceptable supervised training program that focuses on fun and participation, not records or fast times.“ He goes on to say, “Unless you have an injury or pain during training, it shouldn’t be a problem.”“ The truth of the matter is Oroberts says there isn’t much data on youth marathon runners.

Some people in the field believe that youth marathon runners are at high risk of injury, but there is no evidence to support that claim. in fact, Oroberts writes: “The Los Angeles Marathon has thousands of athletes under the age of 18, and the Twin Cities Marathon has nearly 300 athletes in an organized program. The youngest child in these datasets is seven. There were no serious medical injuries at these events. “

American Academy of Pediatrics Reflecting similar feelings, “Children and adolescents must be properly trained to avoid hypothermia or hyperthermia, overtraining, overuse injuries, and burnout.” .. The marathon requires a carefully crafted plan to safely increase your total weekly mileage, but if you take that into account, your child may not be injured. AAP “Ultimately, there is no reason to ban young athletes from participating in properly run marathons as long as they enjoy the activity and are asymptomatic.”

In short, there is no “universal” answer as to whether your child should run a certain distance.It’s a child Age, their motives, and their training regimentMakes it impossible to make a comprehensive statement of “this completely error,” Also, “THe’s fine, actually..” What we do conduct I know that kids are encouraged to run, especially if they are running I want Run. So If you’re worried about how far you’re going, be sure to monitor. Somehow They are I’m doing it safely.

Are you too young to run a marathon?

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