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Android 13 finally lets you decline app notifications

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Unless your Android phone is on silent or silent all the time, you might get tons of notifications every day, most of which you really don’t care about. I’m sure you don’t need to explain how Frustrating the constant barrage of alerts isand how relentless sounds and buzz can be burden mental healthThankfully, Google has finally followed Apple’s lead and now lets you choose whether to accept notifications the moment you install a new app on Android 13. You should opt out of notifications. your brain will thank you.

Previous Android versions allowed you to mute notifications from the Settings app, but this new Android 13 feature make From the moment you install the app, it becomes much easier to customize the app’s notification behavior. You read it and say, “One more thing to deal with when installing apps,” but that’s a minor extra step with huge payoff.

Notification permission is a new default feature on all Android 13 devices, so you don’t need to turn it on in your phone’s settings. Every time you install an app, you’ll get a popup asking if you want to allow the app to send you notifications.Tap “To give permission” turn them on, or “not allowed” disable them. It’s that simple.

andYou may be wondering if you need a notification, but wSilencing is highly recommended all Notifications for new apps. there is of course, Default Silence Rule Exemption. MeIf you download a messaging app, you might expect to receive notifications of new texts from your friends. 〇clearly You should also keep important alerts turned on for the apps you use to monitor important information like banking, health, and work.

But as any Android user can attest, not all notifications are worth it. It often feels like the app is desperate for your attention, sending you half a dozen spam alerts in between important things. By muting notifications from many By using the app from the beginning, you can avoid serious headaches in the long run and never miss a notification that actually matters.

already Decided to allow app notifications and want to change thingsyou can still Customize app notification permissions in the Settings app —common under Settings > Notifications > App settings.On some devices the menu may be hidden elsewhere in the settings, “news” You should jump to the appropriate option. ) You can also long press a notification from the notification drawer to open a quick settings menu where you can change the behavior and permissions for that particular app.

That said, unless you positive you You need to turn on notifications for that appI recommend getting in the habit of denying notification permissions and only turn it on if you notice it later you actually need them.It may make your phone less distracting and even better your day.


Android 13 finally lets you decline app notifications

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