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An easy way to decorate a cake when you smoke by decorating

Image of article titled Easy Way to Decorate Cake When You Smoke By Decorating An easy way to decorate a cake when you’re not good at decorating

I love cake decoration, but it’s definitely a skill that requires patience like a school teacher’s meditation. Depending on what you’re trying to do, it can take hours or days for the cake to look perfect like the image in your head. Not all of us have such time. Being a seasoned cake decorator means knowing a lot of ways to improvise decorations, hiding horrific mistakes when you’re in a hurry. The next hack not only produces beautiful results, but is also speedy and does not require tools or detailed motor skills. After trying these, you may forget about piping bags and royal icing more often.

Candy and broken chocolate

I’ve done my best to keep the sweets out of the house, but I’m always amazed at the low and high quality chocolate bars that consistently appear in the cupboards. To be honest, most chocolates and lots of candies work well as a nice decoration. Guests also enjoy it — suddenly people think you’re Willy Wonka.Please press some Candy cane part,chunk Candy barOr a neat mountain marshmallow..I like to break big and pointed parts Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar Create a jagged cityscape along the edge of the cake. The vertical spire attracts attention and each slice comes with a bonus chocolate.


The nuts are crunchy, irregular and tasty. This decoration is similar to sprinkles in that it doesn’t have the height that a candy bar brings, but nuts can add a discreet pizza to the cake. It is also more effective than candies in humid environments, as sugar can be sticky and chocolate can melt in the sun.If you’re looking for lots of coverage-let’s say you’re still exploring your frosting skills-grind or chop nuts and press them Along the sides..Leave walnuts in half for simplicity for sophisticated decoration Ring the top..

Edible flowers and herbs

We are trying keep It’s time here, so I’m not going to hit the florist with a pinch.But in reality there is Many edible flower varietiesWhen May be nearby.. Brooklyn has a small balcony with lots of potted plants. Until a few days ago, I was unaware that begonia could be eaten. I walked right there and ate two (I had to try each color). Colorful and lemon-colored, it’s perfect for decorating summer cakes. You don’t need the entire bouquet to decorate the cake. Some thoughtfully arranged flowers do the trick.

Herbs are also a great decoration, adding a punch of color and aroma to the cake.To achieve A cake inspired by nature Suitable for an outdoor wedding, it combines edible flowers with some green twigs. More fragile herbs will wilt after a few hours, so try to stick to hearty things like thyme and rosemary. If you don’t want to flavor the herbs, place the twigs along the cake instead of sticking them on the cake.

An easy way to decorate a cake when you smoke by decorating

Source link An easy way to decorate a cake when you smoke by decorating

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