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An adult guide who is not exposed to children’s culture

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This week everyone is discussing a real proceeding with a fictional dragon. Hopefully, Dragon house Will draw attention from the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard trial. Also, it’s prom time again, and it’s not held at Zoom this year.

This Week’s Viral Video: Dragon house trailer

long time no see Game of Thrones Finale, However, the Westeros drought is set to end in August of this year, when HBO releases it. Dragon house. Trailer burns out YouTube There were over 2.5 million views in the first 8 hours online.George RR Martin A Song of Ice and Fire, Set 300 years before the event Game of Thrones But still at least two House Targaryen are back (fantasy, am I right?).Sadly, the book on it Dragon house Because the base is the first part of a two-part series and Martin hasn’t created the second part yet. Game of ThronesA disaster in the final season of style can occur. But on the other hand, dragon!! Dragon house It will premiere on HBO on August 21st.

Prom 2022: Return of Prom

It’s spring, and for high school students, it means a prom. In fashion terms, Seems to be patterned after teens with HBO problems Euphoria Popular among hipsters this year, Wedding suits for women / girls.. I can guess / expect that rocking a formal dress with a pair of Chuck Taylor is still an edgy, quirky wedding move. (Boys are wearing rental black ties as usual.)

The proms of the 2020s look much like I remember my prom of 1874, but there’s one big difference. It’s a prom. “So, uh, do you want to go to the prom with me?” Asks nervously. Not enough. Next, you need to create a suggestion. In this way, plan the entire production designed to infect the virus. An ambitious young man who talked to his friends to set up an instant “romantic dinner”. Or put this companion Gift box together To match his girl’s dress.They are cute (I guess), but some suggestions are just weird, such features Mock arrest, Equipped with police.Or these Dorkie and multi-ethnic “Cowboys”.

If there are times when epic romantic gestures are appropriate, it’s high school, but guys, pressure To everyone with this junk.If you’ve missed high school, check out some Suggested video fails.. They are the perfect encapsulation of adolescent awkwardness and horror, and you will never feel nostalgic again.

Law Meme: Internet Dive Deep into Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

The celebrity trial that turns into a media circus is as old as the circus itself, but this Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard is out of control.I’m busy doing important things like playing, so I try to avoid this kind of nonsense Elden Ring, But I can’t escape this. On the surface, it’s a common defamation case in which Depp is suing Hard for writing an editorial suggesting that Depp abused her, but the general public, congestion Details of the nasty relationship at the heart of this nasty proceeding.

Court TV’s rating has doubled since we started interviewing the trial, and TikTok’s video #JusticeForjohnnyDepp Viewed almost 8 times a billion Number of times. In public opinion courts (at least part of the general public on Twitter and TikTok), Depp is clearly a sympathetic party here. I have no ally and I think the whole thing is unpleasant, but as a “fan” of this trial, I anticipate that contempt of court will increase in the future. grinning, JokeWhen Mug By imitation of Depp And the company.As TikTok’s @MCULokii put it in the vice: “I think all edits and videos are in good faith. No one downplays serious topics like domestic violence.” “After all, Johnny Depp jokes and laughs [in court] So we should make us laugh too! ” Tell the judge, the child..

Counterattack of “problem teens”

Rebellious children “boot camps”, boarding schools, wilderness programs, and other juvies. At that time, these programs could easily be seen as a heavenly blessing, a tough path of love, to correct the path of children to prisons and gutters. That’s what the people who own the place said. Dr. Phil, Montel Williams, Opla, and everything else seemed to agree. But now you can hear the other side of the story through social media and the internet. It turns out that teens are forced to be taken to an isolated prison 1000 miles away from their home. Do not Adjust them happier and better.

Message board like Reddit r / troubled teens Filled with posts of victims of these facilities — some Trapped to be gay Also Have a bad parentAnd they Almost all reports have been abused..Ticktaku Hashtags for the troubled teen industry Absolutely sad, but more than a tragic story is happening. Now over the age of 18, the survivors of these programs are Naming name, Organized and aggressively trying to close this industry. It’s working too.Utah, once the epicenter of this type of facility, was recently enacted. Reforms aimed at home treatment Center, The company is closing the storeAnd Congress Pass a bill aimed at reducing the worst practices in the industry..

Kids are dropping out of college to make money with NFTs

People over a certain age don’t understand what NFTs are, but the promises these virtual assets provide are sufficient to drop some young entrepreneurs out of school. “It’s much better to spend 50 hours doing homework on Twitter, YouTube, and Discord on NFT than any shit that’s happening in college.” Gary Vee (also known as @nft_godfather)) At TikTok. Vee clearly states, “What are you going to do, fellow children?” There is his atmosphere, but it’s not just the middle-aged guy who wears a baseball cap on an NFT. Profiled daily dots Elo Mukoro and Matthew Owusu, a 22-year-old Texas couple abandoning college to chase NFT Gold. “Me and my boy, Matt, we saw what was happening. Originally we jumped in and didn’t know much, but let’s certainly explore it.” Mukoro told The Daily Dot..

I don’t think many people make money with NFTs —The train seems to have left the station— But I encourage young people to drop out of college anyway. You can return to school at any time. It is not always possible to chase the flavor of the moon.

An adult guide who is not exposed to children’s culture

Source link An adult guide who is not exposed to children’s culture

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