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All the ways to reuse old garden hoses (instead of throwing them away)

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To prepare your gardening equipment for the summer That hose frozen Cracked or leaked in winter..If you have an old hose No need to simply replace Throw it —tThere are many uses for hose materials here besides carrying water.Here are some ways You can upcycle the hose to handle other things around your home or yard, keep the landfill free of material, and make chores easier.

Protect the blade

Just because the hose can no longer carry water It doesn’t mean it’s useless.One way to reuse an old hose is to use it As a blade protector for saw blades (and Protects fingers from sharp edges).. To use the hose as a blade protector, simply cut the length of the blade you are using (or the circumference to work with a power saw blade). (Similarly) and cut open the hose on one side. SKeep the hose rip to the end of the blade The teeth are sharp and the fingers are safe.

Before using the blade protector, make sure that both the hose and the saw are dry, as moisture can rust the blade.Avoid rubbing against other tools, especially metal tools Helps the saw blade last longer.

Create a bucket handle grip

You can get a bucket handle grip that won’t hurt your fingers by cutting the slot to the length of the old hose.when You carry water and paint in a 5 gallon bucket The metal handle bites into the inside of your finger and can make your chores unnecessarily uncomfortable. Sliding a hose of a certain length over the bucket handle increases the diameter of the handle and increases the force of the handle against your fingers. When Add a cushion. The great thing about this trick is that it maintains a handle grip and can be used with any handle that bites into your finger. This makes this upcycle reusable...

Protect small fingers

If you have a swing set, Hose length to protect children Prevent your fingers from getting caught in the chain.. If the chain is small enough, you can either thread it through a hose or cut a slot in the hose and wrap it around the chain. This has the additional bonus of preventing the chain from twisting or getting entangled, making the swing safer for young children.Similarly, you can use a hose of a certain length to protect the chain. Keep it tangled. For example, if you have a chain to access the driveway This method also works for that..

Support saplings

Another great way to reuse an old hose is to use it instead of a rope or twine to support the seedlings. Using anything that can leave rubbing or scarring on the bark of young trees can be more harmful than good. Finer materials such as gardening twine or synthetic rope can bite into the bark of the tree or cause friction in the wind, abrading the bark and damaging the tree. Attaching the saplings to the stakes using a rubber hose allows them to move in the wind without damaging the young trees. There is a little elasticity Larger in diameter than most gardening threads. It can also expand as the sapling trunk grows, without choking the tree or damaging the bark.

Make your own soaker hose

You can also use hoses to carry water in a way that is not what you intended. If there are some leaks in the hose, you can turn it into a soaker hose to water the ground with a garden bed.Make a hole with a nail along the surface of the hose Or awl, Attached to the end of a normal sprinkler hose, Place it on the bed in your garden and lower the water.

This allows water to penetrate the soil without evaporating as much as watering from above. It also allows water to enter the soil needed by the roots without wetting the leaves of the plant, helping to keep the leaves dry and prevent mold and mold.

All the ways to reuse old garden hoses (instead of throwing them away)

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