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All the ways real estate photography can fool you

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Tricks have always been part of the process of finding a place to live. of TV real estate shows lie regularly, but also Professionals hired to sell or rent your property Most of the time they lie to you hotly through the photos of the properties they use in their listings. In a way we can blame those programs-they normalized what we should do Predict All properties “ambitious” and perfect Designed, staged and refurbished to put pressure on those looking to sell regular residential homes.. Still, you can learn to fight back by knowing more How real estate photography can fool you.

width-Angles and Enlarged Photos

The most basic and well-known trick used in real estate listings is a good old wide-angle lens. This trick is so common that most people have come to expect it, and when his third bedroom in the 1,500-square-foot home looks like a soccer field, he mentally adjusted. Simply put, a wide-angle lens captures more in a photograph than the human eye can actually perceive in the same space. This makes the room look expansive without actually manipulating anything.

Some shady real estate experts have turned to more aggressive tricks,:sstretch photos. Take a picture of the room and literally use software to make it look longer than it actually is. Both of these tricks can be hard to spot, especially when you’re scrolling through lists on your phone, but there are some that are easy to spot. , look for familiar dimensions. When stretched, it looks more square than rectangular. To find wide angle abuse, look at the wall. If you can only see two walls, it’s very likely that the room is much smaller than it appears.

Low angle and perspective crop

One of the easiest tricks when photographing the exterior of a house is technically no trick. Just use a very low angle to make your garden look bigger and conveniently clip out unattractive features. Petapixel pointed out a terrible example of this trick. The photographer apparently lay flat on the lawn and captured the way the house was perfectly cropped. huge A water tower rises above the house and makes the garden appear larger than it actually is. You don’t need to edit your photos at all. years ago, another real estate photographer used this trick A small children’s pool in your backyard can look like an Olympic-sized basement pool.

Real estate photographers also often use tight framing to cut out unattractive features and leave the viewer disoriented as to the size of the room. If you have a room, you can shoot just inside the door. This makes the tightness of the space less noticeable and more convenient. Cut out problem floorsAgain, this is not accurate Lying to you—but it teeth Information omitted.

Wet all outdoor surfaces

Have you ever wondered why so many real estate photos look like they’ve been taken, like the sun comes out after a rainstorm? According to one real estate expert, wet outdoor surfaces tend to appear brighter and cleaner because water reflects more light. So the photographer literally hoses everything down before taking the picture.


Finally, not surprisingly, many real estate photos are literally Photoshopped into the uncanny valley of “truth.” The most common photo manipulations are enhancement Reality over blatant lies:

  • Saturation adjustment. Make the sky blue, the grass green, Any color that is more lush can turn the blayard into sunny retreat. Combine that with a few low-angle tricks and your modest garden suddenly appears as the perfect spot for a glam party.
  • virtual staging. As long as this is clearly shown, there is nothing wrong with showing prospective buyers and renters how the home will look when furnished and decorated. It increasingly shows rooms with layered tiles, but there are also more subtle forms with more ‘trend’ design elements added to give the room a boost.

But some real estate photography crosses the line from “augmentation” to outright lies by using more aggressive techniques.

  • Adding elements. Some of the exterior photos include burying grass in a dying lawn or widening the border of the lawn to make the garden appear larger and greener.To give the room a cozy look. In addition, a fire may be added to the fireplace.
  • damage removal. Rough walls? Broken light in the kitchen? No problem: they are ready to work from there. Replace with working versionThis may seem like it’s just showing the room as it is, but when you come to have a look and realize there are a lot of problems hidden from you, it’s definitely a problem.
  • cleaning. Photoshop can also be used for some heavy lifting, such as removing leaves from an uncleaned pool.

While the majority of real estate photography won’t completely lie to you, and you should always see the property first hand before renting or buying, the cumulative effect of these tricks is to make the property less attractive and less attractive. It can waste your time when you travel to see it, and it distorts your expectations when it comes to reality.

All the ways real estate photography can fool you

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