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All the way you are setting up your TV incorrectly

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This Tik Tok video from Cairo Stainless It starts with a bold claim. “I work in TV post production, but almost everyone has the wrong TV settings.” Below are the top 3 mistakes in stainless steel TV settings. plus Some of ourselves to add to the list.

Turn off motion-Smoothing mode

motion Smoothing, or motion interpolation, basically adds a frame to what you’re watching.Movies and TV are usually shot in 24 to 30 frames Around Second, the new TV will run at 60, 120 and even 240 FPS. Motion smoothing guesses and adds the contents of the “missing” frame. This setting is great for watching sporting events, but gives other content an artificial look (i.e. , tHe has a soap opera effect).

According to Sten, “No TV show was designed to be improved by turning on motion smoothing.” As you can see, the same is true for movies. Turn this setting off because of this plea from Tom Cruise..

How to turn off motion smoothing on your TV

Motion smoothing is often set to “on” by default on your TV, so you may not even notice it is on. However, it should be turned off.I agree with Mr. Cruise who recommends going to G because the method of changing the setting differs depending on the TV.oogle and typing: “Turn off motion smoothing [your brand of TV].. “

Place the TV at eye level

It may not fit the beauty of a relaxing room on Netflix, but you need to keep the set at eye level for optimal viewing. “Most TVs don’t work well when viewed from an angle, unless you have a very expensive OLED TV,” says Sten.

So remove the TV from its high shelves and place it at eye level from the sofa. Not only does it look good, it also prevents neck strain.

Do not use the TV’s built-in speakers

Many people don’t understand how important sound is to enjoying movies and TV, and are happy to just use the crappy built-in speakers that come with the set.Don’t do this: I promise, movies and TV shows look Better when they sound better.

Rey recommends spending 25% of your TV purchase budget on sound and 75% on the actual set. “Whether it’s a soundbar or a system.”

I’ve tried several TV soundbars in my life and I don’t like them so I recommend a decent stereo receiver and 5 speakers and a subwoofer, but almost all from the TV speakers It is better than the small sound of.

Further improvements that can be made to TV

The above three improvements are relatively basic, but if you want to know more about improving your TV viewing experience, check out this post. Change these settings on your new TV to create a nice looking image Learn all about calibration, “judder”, why you shouldn’t use ecomode, and more from Lifehacker’s David Murphy.

All the way you are setting up your TV incorrectly

Source link All the way you are setting up your TV incorrectly

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