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All the way Amazon tricks you into spending more money on Prime Day

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Amazon’s “Prime Day” event is back for another year. A complex, multi-tentacle web with suspected discounts.But in essence, it’s the same Old sales and coupons— How to get you to spend money more Money while technically pointing it out, if you do math in a particular way, you can tell yourself that you are spending Less than..

After all, the only reason Amazon designed this “event” is To let go of more money (About $ 11.2 billion last year).Even if it is A company that only reluctantly supports.. Now let’s look at some ways to work overtime to achieve this...

They stir up your FOMO

Time-limited and inventory-limited sales are intended to scare you from missing deals.Prime day Only 2 days! Many of mestock It will be limited!If you don’t buy it, you may miss it. straight away! Oh, by the way, you have to Shopping at Amazon, especially Get these transactions.

Truth provokes much less anxiety: Prime Day trading has already begun, inventory is only limited to what Amazon wants, and many other retailers are offering competing sales.But even if the deal really isThere are surprising restrictions, but you can save money just by not buying things. Just say.

They lock you in their ecosystem

MeCalled Prime You need to be a member of Amazon Prime to get the best deals. Prime membership offers “free” shipping throughout the year, so if you’re already a prime member, When you really want to buy something that can come from anywhere, you’re probably shopping at Amazon. Do you know how many places on earth people can buy ab rollers? Thousands, perhaps millions. Where did you buy it the other day? Amazon, I’m a Prime member and I’m a Grade A sucker.

In addition to taking you to Pay them for shopping privilegesAmazon is trying to pull you into their world in other ways. The best deals are Amazon’s unique products such as Kindle tablets and Echo smart speakers. These are intended to guide you to the idea of ​​buying a Kindle ebook when you need one. If you are using Echo A robot programmed by Amazon every day.

They create slippery slopes with a subscription

Some of the Prime Day deals are on your subscription, like Amazon Music Unlimited’s 4-month free.There is a reason Free trial requires a credit card in advance: TI hope you forget to cancel before the billing date comes.A longer trial period may seem generous, but it also increases the likelihood that the bill will slip your mind... If you go to any of these trial deals, get a hint from us, Set a calendar reminder to cancel..

They build media frenzy

It might be a nice surprise if many items in your online store were quietly sold for a few days at a slightly lower price than usual, without prior marketing, but do you think it’s a big news event? ?? It’s unlikely.

However, Amazon has been able to arouse a lot of excitement among the press and other websites.Several factors are working here. First, the financial and economic outlets are considered to be newsworthy in their own right, as Amazon is a very large and influential company. Second, websites of all kinds want clicks that result from talking about the big things that everyone else is talking about.

Also, clicking on Amazon affiliate links will cut many websites. That’s why there are so many review sites and shopping summaries on the internet these days. Posting an X number for “Best Prime Day Deals” (or whatever) is the way those websites do Can make money for themselvesBut they only get the cut after you click and give Amazon some money.

YI haven’t heard about Prime Day anywhere because the deals are really great Reportable; you’re listening to it because everyone involved is playing their part to maintain Ultimately, an ecosystem supported by money. yours.

Deals are not really deals

I spent quite a bit of the morning running the “best” Prime Day deals Camel camel camel, Track Amazon prices over time. And what to guess: AThere are few items The best price ever on Prime Day. Amazon excites you with unusual trading ideas while charging the regular price of an item.

For example, the Apple Watch costs $ 329, which should save $ 70.However The watch first reached $ 329 in April of this year and has remained at that price most of the time since... There have been several temporary price increases, but the current price has been going on for over a month.

Or Bowflex Selectech 840 Kettlebell (I feel I have to point out Not a good type of adjustable kettlebell, But I also admit that I’m a snob about these things). Anyway, if the price of this adjustable kettlebell is $ 119, this adjustable kettlebell can’t save $ 80. It has never exceeded $ 150 in the last 10 months and has fallen to $ 99.99 several times...

As an example of something teeth Take a look at Kindle Kids at the lowest price. Kindle Kids will sell for $ 109- $ 49. Its price history shows that it was $ 109 for quite some time, It is sold frequently and ranges from $ 60 to $ 70 about once a month. Yes, this is a real deal, but that’s enough (And rare enough) Will you attack?Go for it only if I already planned to buy it And was waiting for just the right price, it was The only way to actually save money on Prime Day..

All the way Amazon tricks you into spending more money on Prime Day

Source link All the way Amazon tricks you into spending more money on Prime Day

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