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All the new features in WhatsApp’s Big Privacy Update

Image from article Everything you need to know about WhatsApp's big privacy update

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“WhatsApp” and “privacy” have a complicated relationship. The app is famous for being end-to-end encrypted. you send those messages.However the app Also Owned by Meta (formerly Facebook), known for collecting and misusing user data. Nonetheless, WhatsApp continues to try to improve overall privacy and security, introducing new features to help users keep their chats, images, and online activities private.

WhatsApp has announced most of its new features In A’s blog postUg. 9, ongoing privacy campaign. However, the timeline for when these features will hit your device isn’t entirely clear. A blog post says WhatsApp is adding them “today” but at the same time The feature will roll out to customers “this month”.Some or all of these may appear function active in WhatsApp soon or may have Wait a second.Either way, here are the privacy enhancements You can expect:

View Once screenshot blocking

View Once is WhatsApp’s answer to Snapchat. Send disappearing photos to friends and family. There are various use cases, of course. Maybe you want to send a quick post of an outfit without saving it to your phone’s camera roll, or maybe you have a sensitive image that you want to share but don’t want to leave the chat.

View-once pictures only work when you know they don’t really work Shared by the contact who opened it. Since the feature launched last year, WhatsApp users have been able to freely screenshot these images. display at once View Amany timesI like you.

However, with the latest WhatsApp update, the app finally blocks view once image screenshots. If someone tries to screenshot a View Once photo, they will only be sent an alert that the screenshot has been stopped. WhatsApp clearly states that the feature is still being tested Coming soon to all users

quietly leave the group chat

Group chats can get annoying quickly, but leaving them can be more headache than it’s worth. Most apps clearly notify everyone in the party when someone leaves the group chat. one of its members I lost interest in conversation. Worse still, A constant barrage of fun messages or a constant barrage of messages demanding to know why you left the chat?

WhatsApp now allows you to silently end a chat (but group admins will still be notified). The only way for regular participants To know you’ve left the group chat, check the list of participants and make sure your name doesn’t appear on the list. rank.still possible It does get awkward, but it’s much less likely, especially in huge chats.

Choose who to let you know you’re online

Sometimes you need to chat with a specific person I don’t want to open the invitation to all contacts. WhatsApp online status allows all contacts to see that we are active and ‘ready to talk’ by simply replying to one friend.

In addition to giving you the ability to go private while using the app, WhatsApp now lets you choose who sees you when you’re online. That way, only the people you want to talk to the most can see your activity.

D.Erete Message up to 2 days later

if you regret anything If sent by WhatsApp, you may be able to Get everything back: The app can now delete messages after about 60 hours send them.delete removes Messages from both your app and the contact’s app you sent.

WhatsApp was the first to share this news in a tweet“It took a little over two days to delete the message.” as W.ABetaInfo official timings clarified below are 2 days and 12 hours. Random times, but sure.

All the new features in WhatsApp’s Big Privacy Update

Source link All the new features in WhatsApp’s Big Privacy Update

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